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Don’t forget to celebrate this very important day for all the administrative professionals out there! Ever wonder how this day came to be? During World War II there was a shortage of administrative personnel so the National Secretaries Association created this celebratory day to try to attract new workers to their field. It was meant to recognize their value to the economy and invest in their professional development. When Administrative Professionals’ Day celebrations began it was held as “National Secretaries Week” in 1952. The name was then updated again in the 80s and then again in 2000 when it was called “Administrative Professionals; Day.”

While the most traditional mode of celebration for this important day is taking Administrative Professionals out to lunch by their managers or bosses…there are many more ways to celebrate! Below are our favorite ideas:

Give them a gift card. Your Administrative Professional would love to have some extra money to spend on shopping or Starbucks. It doesn’t need to be a lot of money, it’s more the thought that counts.

Take them out to lunch. Any one-on-one time you can spend with your administrative professional will help them recognize how much you value them. It will also give you the time to talk with them in an environment outside of work. It will help you get to know them on a more personal level.

Write them a nice note. Who doesn’t like getting a note about how great they are? Make sure to take your time to write it and add specific examples of why you appreciate them!

Give them an extra day off. Everyone loves a vacation day! Whether it’s a future date (maybe another day during a holiday weekend) or you just tell them not to come in tomorrow, either way will work!

Send them flowers. Everyone loves a floral arrangement at their desk to show off at work. This is a simple gesture but will have a big impact on them knowing how important they are. It also let’s everyone else know how thankful you are for them!

Let them use your office. This might seem a little unconventional but it’s a fun way to mix things up. We know they will enjoy sitting in your office for the day and will be a way for them to get out of their regular routine at work.

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Ever wonder why we celebrate Earth Day? Well, Earth Day is fast approaching and we thought we’d give a quick history lesson on how the day came to be. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd. It is a day that people hold sacred to support the environment and protection of it. The first time it was celebrated was 48 years ago in 1970.

Earth Day originally started as a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. It also marked the official first day of spring on the first day it was celebrated on March 21, 1970. Presently, Earth Day is often used as a day that various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Check out the events locally to you that might be happening so you can celebrate.

In addition, we have plenty of plants and greenery at Nosegay to help you celebrate by sending a beautiful arrangement to your loved ones (or yourself).

Comfort Peace Lily Planter: Offer unspoken words of comfort, hope and peace. Our creamy white ceramic planter holds an elegant peace lily plant. Planter is simply enriched by a white ribbon bow bearing words of "comfort". Dark green leaves offer a calm background for the white candle-like blooms of this easy to care for plant. Send as a tribute, and a silent expression of your sympathies.

Classic Dish Garden. A beautiful composition of lush green plants. Perfectly at home inside a home or office, it's a great gift for all reasons and seasons. An assortment of green plants such as dieffenbachia, peace lily, ficus and Boston fern that's delivered in a basket with green sheet moss.

Succulent Garden Dish. Succulents are some of the best gifts, especially for those special men and black thumbed people in your life! These luscious little drought tolerant plants will last much longer than cut flowers.  They make a great decoration for someone's desk or office, adding a pop of natural green and fun textures to liven up any space.  Let us arrange a special concrete box succulent arrangement for you today! These four succulents will be delivered in a premium concrete box that is perfect for reusing.

Remember, Nosegay is here for any and all of your floral needs. Nosegay Flowers has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in the Washington, D.C. metro area! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need D.C. Flower DeliveryMaryland Flower Delivery or Virginia Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Nosegay Flowers for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery or wedding flowers better!


Have you celebrated National Women’s History Month yet? Did you have a chance to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th? It’s not too late! Take a few moments to celebrate all the women in your life. There is no better way to show them how much you care than with by sending them a beautiful floral arrangement. Below are some of our favorite at Nosegay:

Serena’s Secret. This is a Nosegay original. This pink and white bouquet features two white hydrangeas, two light pink roses, two pink astilbe stems, three pink tulips, four purple stock, one viburnum and one pink lily in a clear 4x4 vase with a pink-red leaf wrap. 

Blueberry Mojito. This fun, fresh mojito inspired arrangement is styled in a clear rosie posie vase with beautiful notes of purple, blue and green sure to dazzle any friend or loved one! . If we are out of purple hydrangeas, the arrangement will be blue. 

Lapp Valley Farm. This wrapped arrangement of yellow and purple is sure to make that special one smile. The flowers in this arrangement consist of white lilies, yellow roses, purple stock, purple iris and solidago. Perfect farm fresh arrangement.  

Joyful Memories. A showcase for all eyes to see. Embellished with a theme of green and white flowers that will have you remembering all the joyful memories. This Nosegay original has roses, hydrangeas, cymbidiums and hypericum, sure to delight all!

Harper Bouquet. A treasure that will brighten someone's day! The Harper bouquet brings a splash of spring with bright pink and green flowers that pop against the backdrop of textured foliage. Stock adds a beautiful aroma, and signifies the bouquet's arrival with style.

Regal Double Orchid Plant. Classic and elegant together in one.  A double stem purple orchid plant is potted in a matte silver square vase and is finished with green moss. Orchids thrive for a month or more so this will be the gift that keeps on giving! Orchid will likely have several open blooms and buds that will flower, prolonging the recipient's enjoyment.

Rachel’s Roses. This red glass ginger vase is filled with reds, pinks and whites that scream LOVE. Three red roses, three pink spray roses, three white roses and four green hydrangeas are the perfect gift for your special someone. Pair this with a box of chocolates or a romantic scented candle from our gifts collection to complete this gift.

Remember, Nosegay is here for any and all of your floral needs. Nosegay Flowers has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in the Washington, D.C. metro area! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need D.C. Flower DeliveryMaryland Flower Delivery or Virginia Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Nosegay Flowers for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery or wedding flowers better!

Flowers, for centuries, have been a defining token gesture for showing one’s appreciation to another person. Gifting someone flowers communicates to them that you care for them, you want them to be happy, and you’re thinking about them. There’s a reason why that practice has never died — it’s just hard not to feel happy when you’ve been given the gift of flowers.

As professional flower delivery experts and florists in the Washington D.C. area, we’ve made more than enough flowers to see all kinds of different situations in which somebody can be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected flower delivery! Want to make someone’s day? Consider some of the following ideas:

Randomly Sending Flowers To Your Significant Other

Want to know one of our biggest pet-peeves when it comes to flowers? The idea that there has to be some kind of occasion to gift them to someone! In reality, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a random gift of flowers from their loved one, just because.

While we definitely advocate randomly showing up with flowers when you greet your partner, we think there’s also a special kind of significance when you send a company to do it; it says, “I’m thinking of you” much more strongly than a tactfully worded text message ever could (yes, even a really cutesy one).

Sending Flowers to Someone Who’s Hospitalized

We never want it to happen, but sometimes it’s unavoidable and a loved one will find their way to the hospital, often for an extended period of time. We don’t have to say that the most ideal option is, of course, for you to be there by their side, sometimes that’s just not possible. It might be someone who’s out of state (but still very important to you) or someone who you can visit, but not all the time, due to work or other responsibilities.

Sometimes the best way to make their day is to send some flowers as a sincere “get well soon” gift. It shows that, even though you can’t be there, you’re still thinking of them and hoping for their active recovery. It can also give a bedridden patient something lovely to look at, and provide some much needed floral scents to their hospital room.

Ordering Flowers to Your Home for Your Sick Partner

This idea is similar to the one above, but in a slightly different way. Have you ever considered getting flowers delivered to your own house, while you’re there? If you really want to score some points with your partner, consider ordering some flowers for delivery during a period where you’re taking care of them in a time of need.

Sometimes the best way to make your significant other happy when they’re down is to just be there with them — snuggling, watching movies together, and making hot soup for them. These are all things that can go a long way when they’re struggling with illness or general sadness.

Why not go the extra mile, and get them flowers as a get-well gift while you’re tending to their needs? It’s a cute and clever way to surprise them, while still not having to leave their side.

Sending Flowers to a Family Member Out of State

One last way to make someone’s day with flowers is to send them something when you can’t personally be there to deliver it yourself. This most commonly applies to out-of-state situations.

There are all kinds of circumstances that can pull family apart. Young adults will spend tremendous amounts of time away from home as they pursue their schooling and careers; traveling businessmen may find themselves constantly moving around while their family remains rooted in one place, or a loved one might move to a different state due to a job or other opportunity.

In all of these instances, arranging flower delivery from afar can be a heartwarming and easy way to brighten their lives. If you have someone in the Washington D.C. area, we would be happy to deliver a floral arrangement to them!

Never Underestimate the Power of Flowers

Flowers, even though they don’t do much except for look and smell nice, will likely continue to be a token of goodwill and affection for as long as they exist. There is something so natural in us that can’t help but feel good from a lovely flower gift, so finding ways to provide that for friends, partners, and family can be an easy way to make them feel very special.

For all of your flower delivery needs in the Washington D.C. area, please contact Nosegay Flowers today, or browse our online store! As professional florists, we know how to make floral arrangements that everyone can love. Help us make the day of someone who means a lot to you!

Some people love their birthdays, some people are not as excited to grow older—regardless, we all love receiving gifts. If you know someone’s birthday is coming up, you may want to get them a floral arrangement that will feel special to them. We think one of the best ways to do this is to choose an arrangement that has something to do with their birth month! That’s right, every month of the year has a flower that is considered to be “the flower” of that month. Here are all the months of the year and the flowers they are associated with:

  • January: Carnation and Snowdrop
    These bright flowers are a joy to look at and come in all sorts of colors! Specifically, red carnations are the perfect symbol for January birthday babies.
  • February: Violet and Iris
    Both of these flowers symbolize loyalty and faithfulness. They say that the three upright petals of an iris represent courage, faith, and loyalty.
  • March: Daffodil
    Daffodils bloom in early spring and symbolize new birth, happiness, joy, and beginnings. This is perfect since March is the first sign of spring.
  • April: Daisy and Sweet Pea
    Daisies are cheery flowers symbolize love or purity, beauty, and innocence. Sweet peas are known for their lovely scent and delicate appearance.
  • May: Lily of the Valley
    These bright and sweet smelling flowers celebrate May birthdays and symbolize happiness and humility.
  • June: Rose
    Red roses symbolize love, orange ones mean desire and enthusiasm, and yellow ones mean friendship.
  • July: Larkspur and Water Lily
    Purple larkspurs mean first love, and white ones symbolize a happy spirit. Water Lilies signify a pure and open heart.
  • August: Gladiolus and Poppy
    Gladioli symbolize strength and integrity, but the sword-shaped leaves were known to symbolize love-pierced hearts.
  • September: Aster
    Asters bloom in the fall and symbolize both strong and powerful love. It makes sense that this autumnal flower would be the choice for September birthdays.
  • October: Marigold
    Marigolds brighten up fall blooms and symbolize undying love. They can also mean “I’m thinking of you.”
  • November: Chrysanthemum
    Mums are the flowers of November! White ones indicate purity and innocence.
  • December: Narcissus and Holly
    Narcissus plants signify faithfulness and modesty for December birthdays. Holly shows a desire for a happy home.
  • Sending Love with Nosegay Flowers

    No matter whose birthday is coming up, you can choose the perfect arrangement for that loved one in your life. Our florists have years of experience, and they can guide you to the ideal choice. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, that isn’t a problem—we will happily take custom requests. Let us know which flowers you want to be included, and we can suggest supplemental choices to really bring the floral arrangement together.

    For flower delivery in Washington, D.C., there is no better team to call than the crew at Nosegay Flowers. We look forward to providing you with the finest flowers in the region and providing your loved one with a smile that will light up the room.

    Wedding planning can be a bit of a challenge, and we understand. After all, you need to pick a venue, a caterer, a date, a dress, the invitations—there is a lot to sort through. One of the main concerns for a bride-to-be is what flowers will make up her bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the floral arrangements for the reception. The good news is, that’s where we come in. At Nosegay Flowers, we understand that your wedding is your special event. With that in mind, we would be happy to create a unique and custom arrangement to meet your exact specifications. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help with that too. Here are the top five wedding flowers we recommend:


    The classic symbol of beauty and love, this flower comes in different colors that can create a show-stopping focus for your wedding! Many brides choose this classic flower for its versatility, amazing smell, and ability to blend well with other flowers. The rose can be found in many different colors and styles—in fact, over three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially. This means you can find one that is accessible at any time of year.


    The dahlia has been known to symbolize dignity and elegance, but more recently, it’s been used to symbolize a commitment that will last an eternity! No wonder so many brides love this pick. If you are looking for versatility, this is the flower for you. They come in many sizes and colors, so they might be the perfect pick for a bride with less conventional colors in mind.


    Purple lilacs smell incredible and symbolize the first emotions of love. This drapey and romantic pick works well on its own or paired with other flowers. Keep in mind that this is a delicate flower; while that is part of its charm, you will need to actively prevent wilting. However, don’t let that deter you! The lovely smell and dreamy appearance is enough to charm the whole bridal party.

    Sweet Pea

    This classic pick symbolizes delicate or blissful pleasure! Sweet peas smell fabulous and come in variegated colors to help add to their gentle appearance. They were first brought to England from Sicily in 1699, and we have all had a deep affection for the sweet pea ever since. The scent can be strong and sweet, which will be a lovely addition to any bridal bouquet.


    These flowers may not seem like a great wedding bouquet addition, but they really are! Common tulips are usually pretty affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to create a stunning floral arrangement. Tulips can come in a wide variety of colors, meaning that you can choose the one that best matches your bouquet. They symbolize perfect love.

    Nosegay Flowers Bridal Bouquets

    If you are ready to plan your wedding flowers and bouquets, it’s time to give our team of florists a call. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs and requests!


    It isn’t always easy to say what we feel, but that doesn’t mean that we feel any less deeply. In fact, most people who hold in what they are feeling have a harder time focusing on anything else! If you have something you want to say, we believe that giving flowers is the best way to do it. Read on to learn more from Nosegay Flowers!

    Thinking of You

    How can you tell someone that you miss them? That you want them to have a good day? That they are on your mind? We think a floral arrangement is the way to do it. Even if you live 1,000 miles away, you can hop online and order a bouquet from a local florist to be delivered to that special person in your life. Surprise your grandmother with her favorite flowers, or send a new mother in your life an arrangement to let her know that you cherish your friendship. Whatever the reason, we know that you’ll make your recipient smile. They are sure to know that they’ve been on your mind!

    I Love You

    What better way to show your love for someone than a big bouquet of flowers? Choose romantic roses for an anniversary or date night, or maybe a big, colorful arrangement to surprise them while at the office. We think there is no greater sign of love than flowers, so this one is sure to get you a heartfelt thank you and a kiss!

    My Deepest Sympathies

    When someone loses a loved one, we don’t always know what to say. That’s alright; your friends and family members just want to know that they have loved ones nearby to help them through the grieving process. Sending sympathy flowers is a wonderful way to show that you care and that you are there for them in their time of need. It’s always nice to receive a reminder of beauty in the world when things seem dark.

    You are Special to Me

    Our families and friends are so incredibly important to us, but it can be challenging to remember to tell them that! Remind them how special they are by surprising them with a bouquet or other flower arrangement. A promotion at work, an exciting new move, or even just a smile at the end of a tough day are all perfect reasons to send a floral arrangement to your loved ones. They matter, so don’t let them forget!

    Nosegay Flowers - Washington D.C. Floral Delivery

    We want you to be able to express yourself whenever you’d like! That’s why we offer same day flower delivery services to anywhere in the D.C. metro area. Contact us today to order your custom arrangement! We know that we can create the perfect way to say whatever it is that’s on your mind. If you aren’t sure what to choose, that’s okay! Contact us anyway. Our professional florists can help you make a decision that will delight your recipient. Call now to learn more!

    When it comes to floral arrangements, beautiful bouquets, gift roses, or even the dandelion that you plucked from the side of the road, there’s one inevitability you can always be certain of — all flowers, eventually, will die.

    This is a sad truth to cope with, because as florists ourselves in the Washington D.C. area, we know just how incredible a beautiful flower arrangement can be; we put such care into our arrangements and we love seeing how they light up people’s faces or add serene beauty to any occasion. It’s a shame, then, that the flowers will soon die afterward. Flower arranging isn’t an art form for the faint of heart because no matter what you do, your composition won’t last.

    But, doesn’t it seem such a shame to just throw away a perfectly lovely, beautiful bouquet of flowers? Isn’t it sad throwing away the beautiful arrangements that were prepared for that wedding you just went to?

    Fortunately, there’s a solution — death doesn’t have to be the end of your flowers! As flower experts, we know of several creative ways you can make use of dried-up flowers. Instead of tossing them in the trash, consider one of these fun ideas!

    Create Some Potpourri

    Isn’t it kind of silly to be buying your own potpourri when you could be making some yourself? You’re essentially paying for dried up fruits, flowers, and spices, most of which you already have on hand. Why not try making something out of your dried flowers, fruit, and other aromatic products?

    While teaching you how to make potpourri goes a little beyond the scope of this blog post, you might be surprised at how fun it can be to have a go at it! All you have to do is look up potpourri recipes online, and you can get started at your own homemade solutions. It’s a pleasant way to make use of your departed flowers, and you can bring wonderful new aromas into your home.

    You might even find that you want to keep making more after your first batch! Making potpourri is a creative endeavor that allows you to easily experiment to find new scents, and it leaves your home smelling lovely. Who knows — you might just stumble upon a new hobby!

    Create Some Beautiful Pressed Flower Art

    As professional florists, seeing quality pressed flower art is one of our favorite things; it’s amazing what you can do with flowers when they’re pressed.

    For the uninitiated, flower pressing is a type of art form that originated in China and Japan but has since become common among many cultures. Essentially, with the right technique and tools, you can flatten a flower onto a certain surface, and with enough pressure, your flower will turn into a flat image on the page.

    There are so many crafting applications for this! If you use the right paper, flower pressing will “stick” to whatever you mount it to, lending itself to a lot of artistic possibilities. Need a bookmark? Making a card for someone? Maybe you just want to create a lovely picture? These are all possible with flower pressing!

    Freshen Your Drawers, Car, or Other Spaces

    Another great application for deceased flowers is to harvest their scent so they keep on giving. This, of course, depends on what kind of flowers you’re dealing with, as some have much more potent scents than others. But, assuming that you do have a flower that exudes a strong aroma, there are a few spaces you can put its petals that will provide some much-needed freshness!

    One obvious candidate is your drawers — a popular option for keeping fresh smelling clothes is to use dryer sheets, but using dried flower petals will provide a satisfying natural scent. Who, after all, doesn’t like the scent of flowers? This is a good way to freshen things up without spending money or going out of your way.

    And, of course, your car is also a good option. Cars can accumulate all kinds of funky smells for a myriad of reasons, which is why car fresheners are so popular in the first place. Leaving some flower petals in there can passively provide the car with the floral scent that you love.

    Create Bath Bombs

    If you liked our idea above about creating potpourri, this idea may also be right up your alley! Just like potpourri, creating bath bombs is easy and fun. A quick internet search for bath bomb recipes will provide you with endless options, many of them involving flowers and their petals as ingredients!

    If you’ve ever used a bath bomb, you probably already know that there are few things that are as relaxing and luxurious as dropping it in the water, and basking as it diffuses all around to. A beautifully intoxicating scent fills the room and depending on the bath bomb, your water will change colors. How much more fun would this be if you knew you were the architect?

    Getting the Most Out of Flowers

    We hope you’ve appreciated some of these ideas on how to repurpose your flowers. There are so many ways to make use of flowers even when they’ve begun to dry up or wilt. Consider putting some of these into practice, or even finding unique uses of your own!

    And, of course, there’s always the question of how to replace the flowers that have passed away. If you’re in the Washington D.C. area, we’ll be more than happy to help you with that choice at Nosegay flowers. If you want a new bouquet, arrangement, and flowers just delivered to you, we’re happy to help! Stop by today, or check out our online store!