As we have recently launched into the month of April, we have all been hoping for warmer and consistently warm weather! Unfortunately, it seems like we take two steps forward and one step back when it comes to the weather. With another upcoming cold week in front of us in the DC, MD and VA area, we thought we’d provide our readers with some tips and tricks when it comes to protecting your garden (flowers and plants included) to the unseasonably cold weather.

Below we’ve included our advice on how to save your garden this early spring from being impacted by the cold weather:

  • Water the garden thoroughly before it gets dark. This will help the soil release moisture into the air around your plants throughout the night which will keep them warmer.
  • Think about using a fan for your garden. This may sound strange and counterintuitive but even a slight breeze will prevent cold air from settling near the ground during the night.
  • Try mulching your garden. This consists of adding additional material to your soil like bark, straw, sawdust, etc. that can provide an extra shield to your garden and help to keep your soil warmer.
  • Flowers that haven’t fully blossomed yet will be less impacted than your flowers that are in full bloom in your garden…worry about the bloomed flowers more as you are thinking about protecting your garden!
  • Cover your garden before it gets dark out. You may be wondering, what’s the difference between putting the cover on before nightfall as opposed to after it’s already dark? Well, there is a difference! By the time it’s already dark out, a lot of the stored heat in the garden has already been lost. However, make sure you remember to remove the cover once it’s light out to let the light and fresh air back in.
  • You can also collect heat during the day by filling up jars with water and pacing them around your plants before its nighttime. Water tends to lose heat more slowly than soil or air so the jars will help to keep your plants much warmer at night than they would be on their own.
  • If any of your flowers end up dying from the cold weather…do not cut them out of your garden! They can actually provide assistance and a shield to your flowers that are still alive in your garden.

The good news about all of this is bulbs that are flowering are resilient and will likely be able to survive the surprisingly cold weather so far this spring. Remember, the first day of Spring was two weeks ago and it still feels like a mild winter in the DC, MD, VA area so far. Don’t forget about protecting your flowers and plants in your garden for the next few weeks before it really starts feeling like spring around here!