We know Father’s Day is still a few weeks away but it’s often tricky to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. We have a few creative ideas as well as some traditional ones when it comes to Father’s Day this June 19th.

Executive Gift Basket. We know what you are thinking…a gift basket for Dad? But what else do Dads love more than their children? Food, that’s it! This gift basket from Nosegay has the perfect amount of sweet and salty to make your Dad happy on Father’s Day this year. Impress clients, colleagues or loved ones with this classic gift basket filled with the highest quality of premium cheeses, smoked sausage, chocolates, crackers, cookies and other fine treats. 

Deluxe Succulent Box. Succulents are some of the best gifts, especially for those special men and black thumbed people in your life! These luscious little drought tolerant plants will last much longer than cut flowers.  They make a great decoration for someone's desk or office, adding a pop of natural green and fun textures to liven up any space.  Let us arrange a special concrete box succulent arrangement for you today! We also have a medium sized succulent if you are looking to not make as big of a statement.

Electronics. You can never go wrong when it comes to electronics for your Dad this Father’s Day. It’s important you figure out the right electronic but we promise your Dad will like it regardless. Some good ideas this Father’s Day are a Fitbit, any Apple product or new cool headphones. Make your dad trendy again!

Chocolates. Nosegay is proud to provide the highest quality in handmade chocolates.  We feature hand-made chocolates from Sweet Shop USA and sinfully delicious, imported Godiva Chocolates from Belgium. These wonderfully decadent delicacies are shipped to our flower shop weekly to assure that the freshest, most delicious treats accompany your floral bouquets. Call today and we will design a special sweet treat gift basket to your custom specifications.

A nice dinner or brunch. We know when it comes to family dinners Dads usually get stuck with the bill. This year why don’t you make a special reservation somewhere and then treat your dad to a nice dinner or brunch. There are so many options to choose from!

We hope you all enjoy your upcoming Father’s Day and that your Dad gets a great gift from you! Remember, you can always call Nosegay and order a custom arrangement for any occasion, including for Father’s Day.