It’s that special time of year…Valentine’s Day! We want to make sure our Nosegay family is armed with the perfect amount of information to prepare for celebrating this holiday. Now, of course, like every other Valentine’s Day, it is sure to be filled with lots of chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day. We thought we would step outside the flower box for a bit and talk through other ideas for celebrating the holiday. Here are 5 simple steps when it comes to finding the best Valentine’s Day Gift.

  1. Make it about your loved one. There is no such thing as the perfect gift for your loved one. Make sure any gift you get is about them and not the latest and trendiest item. This holiday is romantic for a reason and any gift will mean a lot more if it relates to something their interested in or something you both can enjoy together.
  2. The gift can be your date. Couples often find it hard to prioritize each other during the week whether it’s because of their busy schedules, time with the kids, or anything else that can make Monday-Friday not romantic. Were lucky this year with Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday. Celebrate it together that night or weekend and make that your gift. Whether it’s hiring a babysitter for the evening and trying that restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at or taking a mini road trip that weekend to get out of town, planning something special will go a long way with your loved one.
  3. Talk before the 14th about how much you’re celebrating. Or more importantly, how much you’re spending. Valentine’s Day celebration never turn out good when one partner spends an extravagant amount and the other one made a mixtape (which I guess nowadays is the equivalent of a Spotify playlist). Make sure you both are on the same page of what the plans are, who is planning what, and what level of gifts you’ll be exchanging.  
  4. Be romantic. If you’re lucky enough to have someone to celebrate this holiday with, take advantage of it! Don’t let the holiday pass over you without celebrating in some way even if it is just sending flowers.
  5. Our final piece of advice is don’t feel like you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re in a couple. It’s always fun to send Valentine’s Day cards to close family and friends to let them know you’re thinking of them and vice versa.

Hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day piece this week and there is more to come on this special holiday! Remember, don’t procrastinate figuring out what you are doing or how you are celebrating. However, the good news is if you do procrastinate there is always same day flower delivery

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