In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this Friday, we thought we’d spend a little time giving you the different meanings of each color of rose. Ever wonder why they come in so many different colors? Well, it’s for a reason! They all have a special meaning and different purpose. As our readers prepare for Valentine’s Day on Friday, it’s not just about giving red roses to the ones you love. There are lots of different rose colors that deserve love too! We’ll start with the obvious as you think about roses Washington DC...


Red Rose: All things love come back to the red rose. This famous color has become synonymous with love, romance and Valentine’s Day. However, be careful guys when you’re sending flowers...any red roses offered on Valentine’s Day mean a proposal of love so don’t give it unless you mean it! 


Pink Rose: Now this rose is more appropriate for the couples out there that aren’t in the love phase but just “thinking” of each other. It symbolizes grace, elegance and overall admiration. They are great roses to send to say “thank you” as they are an expression of gratitude. 


Yellow Rose: Perfect rose to send out this Valentine’s Day for all your friends. These roses are often sent to say “get well” but more often stand for friendship. If you ever have a friend that is feeling down, send these as a “cheer me up.” Be aware girls! If a guy you like sends you yellow roses...accept them but know that he means friendship. 


White Rose: This is the rose you’ll see most commonly in bridal bouquets as they symbolize purity, peace and spirituality. A little history lesson about this color rose is that white roses used to be the symbol of true love before red roses became the staple. Oh, how times have changed! 


Orange Rose: Similar to the actual color, it’s most closely associated for passion just like the blazing sun. It stands for desire and enthusiasm. 


Hope you enjoyed our quick stories of all the different colors of roses and what they mean. Don’t forget all their different meanings when you order flowers online this Friday. Be careful the next time you order roses for someone because every colors has it’s own meaning. Enjoy!