One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner. This Sunday, June 15th, we will celebrate Father’s Day with all the wonderful Dads out there. It’s time to give back to them and let your favorite guy know how much you care. 


  1. GOLF: What Dad doesn’t like golf? Not any that I know! It all about nature, relaxing and competition. Whether it’s a new club he’s been eyeing or a lesson at a local golf club, you really can’t go wrong with this idea. 
  2. A nice new...tie? pair of shoes? Anything clothing related can be a great addition to a Father’s wardrobe. The best part? Every time he wears it he will think of you. 
  3. Watch: We know the Dads out there love this accessory. It’s a staple in most Dads every day. Doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive but if you are interested in splurging then you can definitely do that with a watch. Lots of great options out there. Try something out of the box that he wouldn’t buy himself. 
  4. A Father’s Day Balloon: it’s the thought that count. A special balloon and nice card can go a long way on this holiday. Send it to his office so everyone else can see how much you love your Dad. A Father’s Day 2014 balloon can be a special treat. 
  5. Electronics: We know a lot of Fathers out there that love their electronics. Maybe it’s a new set of speakers, iPad, headphones, the options are endless! 
  6. Gift Basket: Remember our post from a few weeks ago? Well the good news is that it’s easy to make your own gift basket. Just make sure it’s special for what your Dad loves. Otherwise, there are lots of great gift baskets DC ready and easy to send! 
  7. Concert/Show: Maybe instead of a gift, it’s a special night you can spend with your Dad. Is there a band he loves or a show he’s been dying to see? Buy these tickets in advance of Father’s Day and hand them over this Sunday. He will sure to be surprised. 
  8. Flowers: I know this may be a bit unconventional but the times they are a changing. It’s totally appropriate to send a man flowers in this day and age. And there are many same day delivery flowers that would be perfect for the occasion. 
  9. Tools: Is your Dad particularly handy? Does he like to get his hands dirty and work on home projects? If the answer is yes then definitely go the hardware route. This type of gift is perfect for a lot of Dads out there. 
  10. Food & Drink: Some of our favorite Fathers are foodies at heart. Maybe they’ll love a nice bottle of wine they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to or maybe there is a new restaurant they’ve been wanting to try. Whatever it is these types of gifts can be a great and easy gift to get. We know a lot of Dads out there will appreciate it! 

Hope you enjoyed our blog this week from the Nosegay team. We know Dads everywhere will be happy with their gifts after this post.