Paris: The land of romance. Pack your bags with your significant other and head off to the land of love. Make sure to bring a “love lock” to put on the infamous Love bridge in Paris. There is nothing better than Europe in summer. There are sure to be tons of crowds but it’s still a ton of fun and something to see in the summer time. 

San Francisco: Want to get away from some of the summer heat? Head to San Francisco and enjoy your time near the water. Lots to see and great activities throughout San Francisco. Rent some bikes and ride along the city stopping along the way for great food and wine. Don’t forget to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s hard to miss!  

Washington D.C.: If you want to pick a weekend to visit D.C. this summer make sure to come for the fourth of July. There’s no better weekend to be in the nation’s capital. This city has tons to offer including history, museum, monuments, outdoor activities and wonderful restaurants. If you’re in D.C. definitely stop by Nosegay flower shop. Lots of beautiful flowers for you to pick up during your trip! Or just send flowers in Washington D.C. using our store. 

Amsterdam: Looking for a place famous for flowers? Well head to Amsterdam and see their beautiful tulips. Although the best time to see these flowers are in the spring, it’s a great place to go in the summer as well. Amsterdam is known for the rows and rows of flowers along the water. If you can’t make it to Amsterdam this summer and are interested in getting your hands on some’s time for same day delivery flowers

Berlin: One of the favorite places I’ve traveled was to Berlin. The amount of history in one city as well as beautiful sights is hard to beat. They have great night life so make sure to hit up the bars after dinner. Also, sign up for the walking tour throughout the of the best I’ve been on! 

Cape Town: People love South Africa these days and we are all for a trip to Cape Town this summer! Make sure to do plenty of hiking on their beautiful mountains and end the day sunbathing on the beach. 

Texas Hill Country: Looking for places to see beautiful flowers in the U.S.? Head to Texas this summer. It may be a little hot...but you’ll be distracted by the 5,000 wildflower species throughout this giant area of land. And if you’re feeling adventurous think about sending flowers to your loved ones back home from your time in Texas. Thanks can be sent to Lady Bird Johnson and the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 for these beautiful flowers in Texas.

Napa Valley: Now I know we already mentioned San Francisco but Napa Valley and San Francisco are two very different trips. Both may have amazing food and wine but you can’t compare vineyard hopping for hours on end in Napa. There are lots of fun ways to go from vineyard to vineyard whether it’s renting a bike, a private tour or the Napa Wine Train tour. You can’t go wrong in Napa this summer. The weather will also offer a relief from the humidity throughout D.C. 

Vancouver: We’re all about getting out of the heat this summer. Head to some of the cooler places on the list like Vancouver that are naturally not as hot despite the summer months. Here at Nosegay we love our Canadian neighbors and want our readers to spend time there this summer and think Vancouver is a great place to start. X