This week we want to spotlight one of our favorite flowers: peonies. Every time we see a bouquet of flowers we love there is one thing we know they have...peonies! They are perfect for special occasions as they come in soft colors. Most often found in red, pink, yellow or white. One of our favorite things about peonies is their wonderful scent that comes along with a very large, beautiful bouquet. 

Also, they are everywhere for the summer season so we wanted to make sure we were giving them some extra attention as well.They bloom in the spring but are known for their lushness all throughout the summer. This is one of the many reasons they are perfect for planting in your yard. You plant them so they’ll bloom in the spring but you get the reward all summer! Also, when it comes to taking care of peonies and planting them the great news is they can last for a VERY long time. Just make sure you plan them right and little maintenance is required to keep them looking beautiful! They basically only need full sun and well-drained soil and BOOM. A perfect bloom of peonies is bound to happen. Be careful though, peonies usually attract ants to their flower buds. 

Ever wonder where peonies come from? They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. To this day, it’s still a traditional floral symbol of China. In addition to it’s presence in Asia, peonies also became the state flower of Indiana in 1957. 

A few ways to use these special flowers: 

  • Gardening! Nothing better than having a garden full of these gorgeous flowers. They are big, bold and beautiful. Their bloom takes up a lot of space and are a great way to fill empty spots. 
  • Bridal Shower: Nothing says a girly bridal shower like a bunch of pink and white peonies. There are multiple shades of pink when it comes to peonies so they are a great touch to any bridal shower table floral arrangements.
  • Wedding Bouquets: What’s prettier than a bride walking down the aisle? A bride walking down the aisle with a bouquet of peonies. They make a great addition to any bridal bouquet.  
  • A way to say...anything! Whether it’s happy birthday flowers, thank you, congratulations, get better or really anything...peonies go with every occasion and it’s time to use them! 

Hope you love peonies now as much as we do at Nosegay DC. Go out and buy some to make your summer days even brighter!