With the clock about to strike October 1st...you know what that means. It’s time to start preparing for Halloween. The good news is there are plenty of things to do in D.C. to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Lots of fun and also low-key ways to spend this spooky holiday. If you are lucky enough to be having your wedding on Halloween weekend make sure your wedding flowers represent the holiday. But always keep it subtle.

Nightmare on M Street (October 25). 30+ bars included in this event all throughout Georgetown. Make sure to buy your tickets early. This evening is sure to be fun but also chaotic. Be prepared to wait in lines and meet up with your friends beforehand. It’ll definitely be crowded so go with the group you plan to spend the evening with.

Boo at the Zoo (October 24-26, 5:30-8:30pm). Looking for a family friendly way to spend this holiday? Well check out the event at the National Zoo this Halloween season. Feel free to walk around in your costumes or just enjoy a night at the zoo dressed in your regular clothing. 

Fright Fest at Six Flags America (September 27-November 1). Want to get out of the city for a bit? Head to six flags to enjoy the holiday with your family. Again, this is a great place for a family to celebrate the holiday. 

Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion (September 26-November 2). Great news about Kings Dominion is that you have plenty of time to go this season and catch the Halloween spirit. Take advantage! It’s a bit of a drive but you are sure to enjoy it.

D.C. Drag Queen Race (October 28). One of our favorite events in D.C. all year and it just so happens to coincide with Halloween. Start the holiday early and head over to the D.C. Drag Queen Race the Tuesday before Halloween.

Crime Museum’s Haunted House (October 23-November 1). This activity is too frightening to even talk about. If you want to be scared this is the place to go. Here at Nosegay flowers DC we may try to avoid heading here but to each his own!

Halloween Party at your Friends. Now this is our favorite way to celebrate Halloween. This year Halloween is on a Friday night so take full advantage. You are bound to know at least one friend having a party or get together so make sure to head over there. You can dress casual with your costume or extreme but either way don’t be the one that shows up at the party without a costume on.

Staying in and Watching a Scary Movie. Not much more to say than that. Great way to spend Halloween and there are plenty of movies to choose from!

Explore D.C.’s Pumpkin Patch. There are many different pumpkin patches to choose from all over the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. They have lots to offer including acres and acres of pumpkins, apples to pick and lots of fresh cut flowers. If you forget to get some Halloween themed flowers while you’re there, don’t worry there are always same day delivery flowers to make up for it.

Markoff’s Haunted House (October 3-November 1). This is a D.C. must! It’s in Northern Maryland but definitely something to check out at least once. Plan to spend your whole night there. You’ll have to wait for a little bit to go through the forrest but there are plenty of activities there to keep you busy.

Hope you enjoyed all our suggestions! The most important thing this Halloween season is to have fun and take advantage of all the different activities you can do. Happy Halloween!