Alright’s that time of year. Although it can feel like that time of year every month, the summer months and fall months are definitely some of the most popular when it comes to getting engaged. The weather is nice and there are usually plenty of romantic trips and holidays planned to create the perfect engagement. In honor of one of our Nosegay besties getting engaged this past weekend...we thought we would help our recently engaged readers out there start planning their weddings.

Once the shock wears off of the engagement (make sure you take a moment to just enjoy it and celebrate being engaged!) it’s time to start planning! But the first question for the newly engaged couple is where to start? Well here’s are some quick steps to get the planning process going. Remember, if you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner do it early on! That way they can help you make a lot of the decisions below.

  1. What’s your wedding inspiration. A lot of brides start putting together a binder and looking online and in wedding magazines to get inspired. Also think through what weddings you’ve been to and what you liked vs. what you didn’t like. It’s really important to understand what vibe you are going when it comes to your special day. This will dictate everything from what your tables look like to what music the band plays.
  2. Pick your location. Where are you getting married? Are you going the destination wedding direction or the more traditional route of the hometown of the bride-to-be? That will help you narrow down your date and your venue.
  3. Decide on your season or date. Now this step and deciding on the venue can be interchangeable depending on what’s most important to you. Is there a specific date you want to get married on or do you know 100% I want to get married in the summer? Those are the questions you want to start asking yourself to decide what’s more important to you...the timing of the wedding or the venue you are getting married in? Some people have their hearts set on a specific venue but more often than not the timing of wedding will be the first question to ask.
  4. Time to start thinking about the dollars. The budget may be one of the most important steps in the planning process. It’s going to be hard to make any of the decisions after this step without knowing what your budget is. How can you decide on a venue if you don’t know what your budget is? You could end up spending all of your money for just the wedding flowers and the band if you haven’t decided how much money this day will be costing you.
  5. Look at venues. Now if there is a venue you are dead set on getting married in then the first step is asking that venue for available dates. If you are more concerned with timing then it’s all about going to a bunch of different venues and seeing what’s available. Also, recognizing which one you can imagine having your wedding at. This could also include multiple cities if you are more open to where your wedding is going to be.
  6. Pick your wedding party. Why do this early? So you can start delegating responsibility and having designated people to help you make decisions. Bridesmaids come in handy when it comes to planning the bachelorette, picking out dresses or potentially helping to pick flowers and color themes.
  7. Start putting together the guest list. Time to start thinking through who is going to be invited and who isn’t. It will be an important question as you are finalizing and thinking about your venue. Will also be something you need to know when finalizing the budget and getting a better idea of how much money you’ll be spending per guest at your event. You might decide to go the more intimate route and the bonus of that is you’ll have more money to spend in other places.
  8. Decide on the florist, bands, food and photographers. Some of the most important pieces of the wedding need to be reserved months in advance. The sooner the better to make sure the ones you want aren’t all booked up. However, you can’t do any of these until you know things like location, date, venue and how many people which is why it comes on the later end. Also, keep in mind if you are looking for a Washington D.C. wedding florist...look now further than Nosegay flower shop D.C.


Hope this list was helpful for all the recently engaged couples out there. Biggest piece of advice is that when it comes to planing a wedding things always take longer than you think they will so get started as early as you can. We would recommend at least 12 months when it comes to planning a wedding. Also, remember that this is one the most special days you will ever have so the most important thing is that you savor everything and enjoy it!