In the spirit of our recent blog, we thought we would move on to the next (if not most important) part of planning a wedding. It’s all about the Bachelorette Party.

First thing is first, who is planning it? Whether it’s your Maid of Honor or someone in your bridal party make sure there is someone designated to be in charge. After you make that decision the next thing to do is to figure out what type of vibe you are looking for. Are you ready to party or looking for something a little more relaxing? That is an important question to ask before you get started on planning and picking a place. Here are our top 10 options when it comes to picking a Bachelorette location:

  1. LAS VEGAS: You can’t talk about a bachelorette (or bachelor) party without mentioning Vegas. It is the epitome of partying and having tons to do. Great weather, pool parties, gambling, clubs and much more.
  2. Puerto Rico: This location offers the perfect amount of relaxation, nature, good food, beaches as well as going out venues. While you are in Puerto Rico make sure to check out their native flower the hibiscus. They have beautiful fresh flowers all throughout the city so make sure to check them out during your down time.
  3. Aspen: Interested in more of an adventure? Pick a ski resort like Aspen and set up shop for a long weekend. Make sure your bridal party skies before offering out this option. However, even if they don’t, they will definitely enjoy the spa options as well as amazing food. Also, another thing to think about is these ski resorts are also BEAUTIFUL in the summer. That way you don’t have to worry about anyone’s skiing abilities.
  4. New Orleans: Now this city has something for everyone including one of our favorite things – live music. There is always a party going on and great weather so this is a very popular spot when it comes to planning a bachelorette.
  5. Miami: Another very popular spot for Bachelorette parties. It’s very easy to get to and has everything that you are looking for. Lounging, drinking, dancing and dinning. And on top of all that beautiful beaches and great weather throughout most of the year.
  6. Napa Valley: What a more perfect way to spend a long weekend than with your closest girlfriends drinking wine day and night? This spot is perfect for almost any type of group. There is great food and beautiful areas to explore. There are outdoor activities as well as many different wine tour options.
  7. Nashville: This spot has gotten more and more popular in the last few years. It also offers a ton of live music and interesting bars that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to see. Nashville is one-of-a-kind and definitely a great place to pic.
  8. Austin: Similar to Nashville, this is also a spot that has gotten very popular in the last few years for Bachelorette parties. It offers something for everyone and is definitely not your typical bachelorette party option.

Wherever you go make sure each day is planned out to be lots of fun. It’s always a good idea to put one person in charge of each day or event. That way no one has to do everything and everyone gets to contribute to the fun. There are also special touches to add like getting flowers delivered to the bride-to-be’s room or making a fancy dinner reservation. Hope you enjoyed our advice and tips from your friends at Nosegay flowers D.C.