Hello Nosegay readers! As we approach the middle of November it’s time to turn our attention to Thanksgiving. One of the most important things when it comes to putting together the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is the floral centerpiece. Every Thanksgiving Day table needs a beautiful floral arrangement. Whether you are the one hosting dinner or going to a family or friend’s house offer to be the one to bring the flower arrangement. Here are some tips when it comes to putting together the perfect Thanksgiving Day flowers.


Think about what flowers to use. Focus on the perfect fall flowers...our suggestions would be calendulas, daisies, chrysanthemums and sunflowers. The good news is that any of your same day delivery flower places should have access to all these lovely flowers if you don’t have time to put together an arrangement yourself.

Be creative. Don’t make your Thanksgiving Day flower arrangement boring or look like everyone else’s. Think about how you can incorporate something different....like fall leaves, pumpkins or a basket. It’ll look beautiful on the table when it’s all put together.

Colors, colors and more colors. The best way to make sure your flower arrangement is the epitome of Thanksgiving is thinking about the colors. It’s very important to pick your colors wisely. Think about yellows, oranges, greens and reds as they certainly represent the colors for this time of year. You can definitely also use colors like pinks and purples if you are careful on how you use them. Also make sure you check with the host if you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving to make sure your flower arrangement won’t clash with any of their decorations. Remember, you can always go white to be safe but just be careful to not make it look to bridal.

It’s all about the vase. The best way for your centerpiece to be a hit is finding a unique approach to using a vase or a different type container you put your arrangement in. Find an antique vase or basket to mix it up instead of your typical glass vase. Also remember that if you want your arrangement to stay on the table during dinner to keep it low to the table. Or do the exact opposite and make sure the arrangements are very high so that the guests can see across the table underneath them.

Use some fruit. Some of the prettiest arrangements we’ve seen have fruit in them to mix up the flower feel. Good ideas are fruits like pears, apples, squashes, lemons or other wintery fruits.

Don’t be so traditional. Maybe instead of your typical large centerpiece in the middle of the table you think about smaller jars to hold smaller arrangement of flowers. Again, make sure to consult with your host but this can be cute for a long rectangular table and have the smaller arrangements lined up in a row down the middle. Or this is especially useful if you are having multiple tables. This way there is something on every table.

Candles. Always a good idea to add some extra ambiance to a nice dinner with some candles. Be careful of scented candles so they don’t take away from your delicious meal.

Thinking outside the floral box. Lots of other fun and creative things to use in your Thanksgiving Day centerpiece so do some research and see if there are other items to complete your perfect arrangement. It’s very easy to use items like branches and other natural items...they give any centerpiece a Thanksgiving Day feel!