Sad about not seeing flowers bloom this winter? Trying to figure out how to make your garden still look pretty throughout these frigid next few months? The team at Nosegay D.C. flower shop have some ideas for you! We’ve put together a list of flowers that do best in these colder months when it comes to planting or just picking up from your local D.C. flower shop. Enjoy!

Calendula: Now these flowers may trick you and you’ll think they are daisies since they resemble each other but calendulas are actually one of our favorites. Despite their vibrant colors and shades they can survive in the winter and colder months. They enjoy the sun but can be happy in less sunny areas as well. Fun fact about this flower: petals and leaves are edible!

Carnations: We know this type of flower is not everyone’s favorite…as Charlotte from “Sex & the City” so famously referred to them as “filler flowers.” However, they are one of the toughest flowers out there and one of the best when it comes to surviving harsh conditions. They are incredibly tall and have a long lasting bloom. If you are looking to order flowers online as well they are often one of the least expensive options. 

Snapdragon: This traditional flower does great in the winter and if handled properly will continue to bloom throughout the summer and spring. They come in plenty different shades and will add a pop of color to your garden. The best thing about them is they grow high which makes them great for cutting and using inside your home as well.

Lilies: Ever wonder why you often seen lilies used at events and special occasions like weddings in the winter? Well, it’s because they are the perfect winter flower! There are many different types of lilies but you really can’t go wrong when it comes to picking them to plant. They also give off a beautiful strong fragrant!

Jasmine Plant: Looking for a more alternative option? Then the Jasmine Plant is for you! If you are less traditional or want a plant that covers a larger area go the shrubbery route this winter. Jasmine Plants are perfect when it comes to your garden and also give off a beautiful fragrant throughout the winter. They can withstand the colder months and have a lot less maintenance than flowers and flower bulbs. Definitely a good option to keep in mind!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holidays and starting 2015 off on the right foot. These flower suggestions are sure to make your 2015 even brighter so be sure to make some time for planting across the next few weeks!