Everyone ready for one of the upcoming trends for 2015? Well, don’t worry, Nosegay D.C. is here to help! This year we are actually flashing back to a previous decade with one of the hottest trends...it’s all about the 1970s. Now when it comes to celebrating this decade (and you definitely should!) we want to give you some good ideas when it comes to bringing the 1970s back. This is definitely one of our favorite trends so far. Now the 70s encompass everything from bold and beautiful colors to more subtle and girly elements. The best way we can think of to start bringing the 1970s back is first and foremost in your flower arrangements.

We have a few great suggestions when it comes to incorporating the 1970s trend in your everyday flower life. Enjoy!

Think bold and colorful. Let’s try to recreate that 1970s fabric with tons of flowers we are all so familiar with. This means purples, yellows, greens, blues...basically anything that makes a statement. Also the more the better. The 1970s often gave the illusion of overlapping floral patterns. Find a way to make your arrangements look big and colorful. The key is to make it looks like one of those AMAZING 1970s dresses that was all about flower power. And when in doubt...there is always same day delivery flowers.

Make your stems stand out. When we think of the 1970s, there is a lot of green that comes to mind and we don’t mean jealousy. We mean the stems, leaves and anything else green you can get your hands on. Sometimes when looking at 1970s inspired floral bouquets there can be a feeling that it feels undone...but trust us, that’s on purpose! Make sure it doesn’t resemble weeds too much but should be in that general elegant but not “perfectly done” genre. It will definitely give a 70s vibe!

Did we mention daisies? Now, we probably should have started with this item but you can’t talk about the 1970s without talking about the famous daisy look that is everywhere throughout the 1970s. It’s all about the whites and the yellows when it comes to celebrating the 70s and really feeling like you’re there. And there is literally no better way to represent the decade this year than with a bouquet of daisies. When we think of daisy bouquets with think the BIGGER the BETTER.

Floral headbands. Similar to daisies these statements are the epitome when it comes to feeling like you are in the 1970s. Everyone knows what I’m talking about...now you may have always had the urge to wear these headbands and now you can! There are many different ways to wear this 70s inspired look but they all must have flowers. You can go bold with the flowers or light with the flowers and heavy with the greenery but either way you will be rockin’ an awesome look. We want to end on a bang so let’s leave you with that!