Hope everyone is gearing up for a lovely Valentine’s Day. We know it’s still a few weeks away but you don’t want to wait too long to get organized. Whether you are in a relationship or not this year, it’s important to know what gifts to be giving. We thought we would give our readers some suggestions when it comes to gift giving this year. We have options for both men and women as it’s important that each member of the relationship gets an awesome gift. Enjoy our suggestions!


  • Jewelry. Hate to break it to everyone out there but you really can’t go wrong with jewelry this year. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy or covered in diamond but it’s an easy way to say “I love you” and I want you to wear this and think of me. Did we mention that women love diamonds?
  • Something mushy. This is the one time of year when it’s appropriate to be mushy and make your emotions known. Take advantage of it! Get something engraved, buy something that already says it...whatever it is make sure your emotions come through with your gift.
  • Go somewhere together. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do together but haven’t gotten around to it? Like maybe a cooking class or a wine tasting? This is the perfect way to give a great gift that you both get to enjoy.
  • FLOWERS. Now we can’t talk about Valentine’s Day without mentioning the elephant (I mean bouquet) in the room and that’s flowers! There are so many beautiful Valentine’s Day flower options and luckily the majority of D.C. flower shops have same day online flower delivery. However, we suggest planning in advance and picking out the perfect bouquet.
  • Time for the spa. Every girl loves a good spa day. Maybe it’s just a manicure and maybe it’s a full blown day at the spa with a massage and everything else she could want. And if you really want to make it special...join her!


  • Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. Men love a good piece of technology. Don’t under appreciate their reaction to the coolest new ipad, speakers, or anything else they have been talking about. Did we mention wireless headphones?
  • What do they like to drink? There are many different ways to say “I love you” based on what they like to drink. For example, maybe it’s a a new glass to drink his whiskey in, or special ice cubes (you know what we are talking about) to keep his drink cool or maybe it’s just a bottle of whiskey or nice wine. Whatever it is we know your guy will love it. Don’t forget about the flask option! Get it engraved and make it extra special.
  • The way to his heart is in his...stomach! Ever heard that saying before? So have we! Men love a nice dinner and especially when it’s cooked by their loved one. Maybe Valentine’s Day this year is more about the meal you prepare than the gift you give. Not good in the kitchen? No problem! Head to one of the amazing new restaurants in D.C.
  • Does he have a hobby? Start with what it is and go from there...maybe it’s more running gear, or new golf shoes, whatever it is you can’t go wrong if it’s for something he already loves to do.
  • Time to escape! All men love to get away so maybe for this year’s holiday you take that trip that you’ve been talking about for months. Doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy...maybe it’s just a quick one night road trip but either way it’s a special way to celebrate.

Now remember this upcoming Valentine’s Day to think of Nosegay flower shop when making your flower orders. Never too early to start planning!