We know everyone is probably as excited as we are for the OSCARS this Sunday. Award show season is one of of our favorite time’s of year and nothing gets better than the Oscars when it comes to award shows. Now you might be asking yourself...what does this have to do with a flower blog? Well, the good news is just like the Oscars, flowers can be designed with current trends in mind so it’s important to stay on top of the most popular trends this season. Be on the lookout for your favorite styles and colors on the red carpet this Sunday so that you can mimic them in your floral arrangements when you are looking for florists in DC that deliver.


As you think about the upcoming Oscars, we thought we would revisit some of the trends that have been popular already this award season to prep for the Oscars this weekend.

Va-Va RED: Now, you can’t have an award show without at least one famous actress coming down the RED carpet in a RED dress. And if we had to put our money on it based on what we’ve seen so far this year, I’d say there will be plenty of actresses in red this Sunday. Interested in how you can bring this trend to your living room? Think about ordering red roses online and having them sent straight to your living room to enjoy just like that magnificent red dress on the carpet. 

Showing some skin: This happens every year at any award show and especially the Oscars. Someone comes out showing a lot more skin than expected. Whether it’s a lot of leg or a lot of cleavage (or both) get ready for it...

Greek Blue: One of our favorite color trends for this season is the vibrant blue you’ve been seeing everywhere. It’s what we think of when we think of the Greek Islands or the color of the Caribbean Sea. And our prediction is you are going to see a lot of it on the red carpet this weekend.

Shimmer and shake: That metallic style is back with vengeance this award show season. It’s certain to make a big statement for anyone that wears it this year.

Messy hair: Given the retro trend that has been in full effect already this year, we are sure we will see some 1970s inspired hair this season. We are talking big messy curls or even a few messy braids throughout the red carpet.

Bridal Moment: Although we find it hard to wear an all white dress to anything but your own wedding, celebrities sure are daring enough to do it at the Oscars and any other award show. Now, if you are preparing for your actual wedding this year and looking for some inspiration...check out the white dresses on the red carpet and also make sure to find affordable wedding flowers in DC

Hope you are as excited as we are for this weekend. Enjoy and take notes of all your favorite trends that are evident on the red carpet...you’ve got all year to incorporate them in your on wardrobe!