We know we are a little late to the party but the good news is the party never stops! International Women’s Day just happened on Sunday, March 8th 2015. This event takes place all throughout the world on the same day every year, March 8th. This is an annual day that we make sure we are celebrating all the women in our lives. It is also a moment we recognize how far we’ve come with equality as well as calling for greater equality for women across the world. The first International Women’s Day took place in 1911...think about how far we’ve come since then! It’s also a day we use to celebrate the accomplishments of women all over the world.

Various organizations across the entire world celebrate International Women’s Day in their own way. It is even a day recognized by the UN internationally. In addition to all the activity you saw across this previous Sunday from women and men recognizing this important day there are still a lot of other things you can do to get involved. The most valuable thing to remember is women shouldn’t just be recognized on March 8th but always. Here are some ways to get involve:


  • Have a party celebrating women!
  • Raise awareness for gender equality
  • Find and participate in community events that celebrate women and their accomplishments
  • Send same day delivery flowers to the favorite women in your life
  • Wear purple!
  • Make it happen!
  • Support the accomplishment of the women with a “congratulations floral bouquet

You might be wondering about those last two items on the list...well that’s because like any good event there is a signature color and theme. The color has been associated with International Women’s Day since before the day was even solidified. In 1908, the color purple (along with some other colors) was used to symbolize Suffragettes. Purple went on to represent dignity and respect. Both of those traits are very important when it comes to women’s equality so purple naturally became a part of every Women’s International Day. And as for “Make it Happen” that is the 2015 theme of International Women’s Day and it pretty much speaks for itself.

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