Happy Wednesday everyone! With a lot of spring and birthdays coming up, we wanted to give our readers advice on sending birthday flowers to their family and friends. Now, the good news about this is you really can’t go wrong because flowers and birthdays go great together.

The best thing about a birthday is the celebration that comes along with it. Make sure you are surrounded by your friends and family on your special day. And don’t forget...you should get more than one day to celebrate. The best birthday celebrations can last up to a week. If you are lucky someone (or multiple someones) will remember to order birthday flowers online for you to be delivered to you on your birthday. Another item we love to give out on birthdays is a care package. It could involve flowers, a few small presents and a balloon. The easiest way to get everything from one place is to order a gift basket online.

Did you ever know that there is a birth flower for everyone’s birthday just like you have a birth stone? Don’t worry if you send the wrong type of flower for the birthday month or if your friends of family likes a different type of flower that’s fine too! Just thought it would be a fun little item to leave our readers with this week.

  • January = Carnation; which represents love, fascination and distinction
  • February = Violet; which represents faithfulness, wisdom and hope
  • March = Daffodil; which represents spring, rebirth, respect and so much more. This is also a great flower for a friend as it represents friendship.
  • April = Daisy; which represents love, youth and purity.
  • May = Lily; which represents sweetness.
  • June = Rose; which represents love and appreciation. However, keep in mind, every color of rose represents a different feeling so be careful with what you are sending and what it means.
  • July = Larkspur; which represents levity and lightness.
  • August = Gladiolus; which represents strength, moral integrity and infatuation.
  • September = Aster; which represents patience, daintiness and remembrance.
  • October = Marigold; which represents warm and fierce.
  • November = Chrysanthemum; which represents compassion, friendship and joy.
  • December = Poinsettia; which represents good cheer and success.

Always remember...if you can’t think of a gift, flowers are the way to go. Enjoy!