We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays over the weekend. We know it was a time for family and friends but it was also a time for flowers! As everyone in D.C. has noticed, our beautiful spring season is trying to arrive. It keeps coming for a few days and then leaves us again but at Nosegay flower shop D.C. we are hoping that spring will be here to stay soon! Not just for the weather but for how much fun with flowers you can have in the spring. Here are some of our favorite spring time flowers that we’d recommend for using to celebrate Easter, Passover and any other special occasion coming up. 

  • Tulip: You can’t talk about spring flowers without talking about tulips. They are the epitome of the spring in part because of the amazing variety of colors they come in. Including lovely spring pastel shades. Don’t forget to replant your tulips in your garden before they die because they will re-bloom on their own! Tulips are also perfect for same day delivery flowers.
  • Pansy: Now these beautiful flowers are more for the gardeners out there. If you’re wondering the reason why it’s because they enjoy the warm weather but still like it to be relatively cool. You will often see these flowers in abundance when it comes to spring gardens throughout D.C. and other cities as well!
  • Redbud: These plentiful flowers look very similar to the cherry blossoms that people from D.C. are familiar with. They bloom in an amazing amount on the trees they grow from and you can’t walk by them without taking notice. Catch them while you can though! Once they are bloom they are susceptible to being knocked down by rain and wind...and you know what they say about April showers.
  • Lily: Commonly seen in flower arrangement and always available when it comes to D.C. flower deliveries. They smell beautiful and are often added to an arrangement to be really bold. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes which is why they are so useful when it comes to an flower arrangement.
  • Sunflowers: One of our favorite flowers during any time of year but we love sunflowers especially in the spring. The great news about the sunflower is you only need a few in vase and you still have a beautiful, thoughtful flower arrangement on your hands.

We know Easter just finished up but it’s never too late to send flowers to someone you love that you weren’t able to celebrate with over the weekend. Also keep in mind that Passover will be celebrated for the next week and it’s also nice to send Passover flowers to someone you love and care for. No one has ever complained about receiving a beautiful flower arrangement!