The summer is almost here! In two weeks, Memorial Day Weekend officially marks the beginning of the summer. At Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. we CANNOT wait for the summer to get here! In the spirit of the summer we thought we would help our loyal readers with some tips and activities they should definitely NOT miss out on this summer.

D.C. Jazz Festival. The festival will be happening this June from the 10th-16th. It’s a lot of fun and definitely something you don’t want to miss. If you are a lover of jazz or just generally like good music, head out to the hundreds of venues throughout the week that will be hosting for jazz musicians.

Botanical Garden. If you LOVE flowers, which we obviously do, you’ve got to head over to the botanical gardens. They have amazing grounds of acres and acres of beautiful D.C. flowers.

EATING CRABS. You can’t be living in the DMV area and not get your heads on some crabs this summer. Whether it’s catching them yourself at the beach or the shore and then cooking them or just heading to your favorite crab shack, make sure eating crabs is part of your summer fun this year.

Food and Wine Festivals. There are so many different food and drinking festivals happening this summer in D.C. There is the National Capital Barbeque Battle in June, The Alexandria Food and Wine Festival and SO many more. Make sure you check out all the different festivals to find the one that you are most excited about.

Nationals Stadium. It’s not the summer without a trip to the baseball park in D.C. The Nationals have become a staple of what it means to be in D.C. throughout the summer. The great news is at the end of a lot of the games this summer, the stadium sponsors free concerts after the game is over. So pick out a game and a concert and head over to Nats Park to celebrate the summer!

Go to the Beach. Get out of town for a few days. Our favorite part about living in D.C. during the summer is how quickly you can get to beach spots like Delaware and Annapolis. Sometimes it’s necessary to get out of town for a few days this summer and when that happens…head off to the beach!

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens. If you haven’t been to Dumbarton yet in D.C. make sure you head over there this summer. The beautiful 19th century estate features 16 acres of gardens. Some of our favorite summer flower arrangements can be found there. Get there soon!

We are wishing you a very happy and eventful summer in D.C. Make the most of it because before you know it Labor Day Weekend will be approaching and all your white jeans will have to go back in the closet for another year.