Ever wonder what the perfect birthday flowers are for your friends and family? Well, we’ve got the best advice for you for every single person you may be possibly giving flowers to on their birthdays. We know there are a ton of summer birthdays coming up and we are here to help you prepare. We’ve got the perfect suggestions when it comes to birthday flowers and what you should send to who.


  • Mom: Nothing says “You’re the best Mom” like an orchid. We love these flowers because they last so long and are beautiful! We know your Mom will love them too. They look great in anyone’s home and she will get to enjoy them longer than a traditional floral bouquet.
  • Sister: Now we all know sisters aren’t easy to shop for so take the easy way out and purchase a beautiful birthday flower arrangement for them. It can be a simple arrangement. We’d suggest something like lilies or white roses because it will give off a modern feel and also let you know how much you care for them.
  • Girlfriend: We’d go multi-flower with this arrangement with TONS of colors. Now, please remember, don’t let this be your only gift! Flowers are a lovely touch but they should go along with something. That goes for the wives out there too!
  • Wife: If you really want to show your wife how much you love them, make sure to purchase a set of a dozen red roses. They are traditional and romantic which will let your wife know how special they are to you. Keep in mind a lot of florists in D.C., like Nosegay, will set up reminders for you about birthdays and other special occasions so you never have to worry about forgetting them!
  • Friend: It’s so easy now-a-days to send a quick same day delivery flower arrangement to your friend no matter what city they are in! It’s an easy to remind them that you are thinking of them on their birthday! We’d sgest something colorful and fun when it comes to celebrating with a friend.
  • Co-worker: This arrangement is a little bit more tricky depending on how close you are and if they are your boss. We’d suggest something like sunflowers or especially summery to keep it fun and light. Don’t want to get overly romantic with this set of flowers.

Hope you’ll think of the Nosegay Flower team the next time you are ordering flowers for your friends or family on their birthday. We’ve got a great selection and love celebrating special events with our customers!