This year it seems like everyone we know is headed to a wedding almost every weekend, especially when it comes to the summer wedding schedule. We thought our readers would appreciate hearing the latest wedding trends when it comes to 2015 nuptials. Expect to see these as you head to the rest of your weddings this year!

Going for a rustic feeling. It’s no longer just about clean lines and a modern feel when it comes to planning a wedding. We know a lot of couples this year that are opting out of your traditional hotel or ballroom type of wedding venue and heading out to the wilderness. Farms, vineyards and other outdoorsy type of venues are becoming very popular for 2015. Make sure to check the weather before heading to one since you will likely be spending the majority of time outdoors!

Alternative seating. You don’t have to pick circle, rectangle or square for your weddings table this year because you can have all three. Standard tables in the wedding venue are no more. Lots of weddings this year are choosing a unique seating option and mixing up the different table options. Get ready for a room filled with circles, squares and rectangles for tables.

Flower crowns. Now this is for our more whimsical bride but a lot of bridal parties and even brides can be seen wearing floral crowns this wedding season. It brings a fun and casual feeling to an intimate occasion.

No more matching bridesmaids. It might be harder to pick out the bridal party at the next wedding you go to because they won't be in matching dresses. Brides have been loosening the reigns a little bit when it comes to picking out bridesmaids dresses for the wedding. Instead a lot of brides this year are picking out a color and telling the bridal party to pick the dress they want…with their approval of course!

Floral Installations. Weddings this year aren’t about the traditional floral scene that you’d expect to see at a wedding with wedding floral centerpieces on every table. A lot of couples this year are choosing the floral installation option…think flowers and centerpiece like arrangements hanging from the ceiling instead. We've also heard a lot of weddings that aren't even having flowers at their wedding. It's crazy, we know! 

Metallic is back. Traditional colors aren’t the only thing that you’ll find at weddings this year. For weddings in 2015 it’s all about finding an alternative twist to your special day and brides and grooms are finding this with incorporating metallic this year.

Romantic Flowers. If you’re going to more of a traditional wedding, expect to get a romantic feeling when it comes to the flowers. It’ll be a clean look, mostly white maybe with some light pinks.

We hope you enjoyed these 2015 wedding trends. If you are looking for the right D.C. wedding florist to make all of your wedding dreams come true, check out Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. We will make your wedding flower experience perfect! Please visit for more wedding and flower information.