Ever wonder what are the appropriate and best flowers to send when someone is under the weather? We thought we’d help give our readers some guidance on some of the flowers out there that have particularly strong “healing” power. As well as other flowers in general that are more meant for an occasion of “get well flowers” vs. “happy birthday flowers.” Those are very different sentiments so you want to make sure you are sending the right message to the recipient.

Chrysanthemum: They may seem like a less powerful flower because of their simple design but they are actually great for a lot of common health issues. They can be a natural treatment for dry, irritated eyes, or fevers and headaches. A lot of symptoms related to the common cold can help to be treated with Chrysanthemums. They can also help to alleviate high blood pressure or dizziness. Who knew!

Magnolia Flower: You wouldn’t necessarily know this from looking at it but this particular flower is great at helping to treat nasal issues like congestion. If you are looking for relief from a stuffy nose, blocked nasal passages and sinus headaches, look no further!

Carnations: We know carnations aren’t everyone’s favorite flower and are often referred to as a filler flower; however, they now have another purpose! The petals can actually be used to make tea that helps to reduce overall discomfort. It’s great for things like anxiety and stress. It’s also great for your skin!

Peonies: Now we love our peonies (one of our favorite flowers!) but they can also be used as a muscle relaxant. They can help with general physical pain when it comes to your joints and muscles. Feel free to use them after a tough day at the gym or for more chronic muscle issues as well.

Sunflowers: Nothing brightens up a day like sunflowers so in general these are great flowers to send to anyone for “get well” wishes. However, this special flower can also be used for stomach related issues as well as a great wash to gargle with if you have a sore throat.

Hope you enjoyed our advice when it comes to sending the right flowers to wish someone to feel better. Remember, gift baskets are also a great resource to help cheer some up. They also provide great resources for anyone feeling sick. If you are looking for the right get well flowers to send to friends and family, please check out Nosegay D.C. Our flower store offers everything you could ever need for any type of occasion.