Ever wonder where to host your upcoming corporate event in D.C.? There are so many amazing options and we want to make sure our readers are in the loop on all the cool things going on in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Corporate events have always been popular but it seems like across the last few years things have been getting bigger and better. Here are some of our favorite hot spots or types of activities when it comes to planning the perfect event for you and your colleagues.

The W in D.C, also known as “POV Washington D.C.” This space offers breathtaking views of the all the national monuments. It’s on the 11th floor and offers rooftop views, terrace bar and lounge. The food and atmosphere are amazing. It’s especially great if not everyone from your office is from the D.C. area. They likely haven’t gotten to see everything D.C. has to offer and this is the perfect way to do it in a relaxed setting.

Check out a cooking class. This is a great way to bond with your team members while getting to produce something delicious. You won’t have to worry about any awkward silences in this venue and it will be something enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget to ask about food allergies before planning!

Casino Night. We know people love to gamble so this is a fun activity to bring to your next corporate event. Find some cool prizes to give out and you’re all set. Make sure if you are setting it up yourself, you have plenty of décor and corporate flowers to make the room feel inviting.

Pick something outdoors. We know people love to get outside during the good weather in D.C. You may want to wait for some of the summer heat to wear off but the fall could be great for an outdoor corporate activity. Whether it’s a day out at the National Zoo or a walk through the National Mall, there are a million fun things to do outside in D.C.

Boat Cruise: Sometimes we forget that D.C. is on the waterfront but this is something you should definitely take advantage of when planning your next corporate event. Whether it’s booking the Odyssey D.C. or a boat with less bells and whistles, this type of activity will be fun for everyone! A lot of these boats offer special packages for corporate venue flowers to be included to set the mood.