Who said flowers have to be boring! Not us. Halloween is one of our favorite time’s of year in the Nosegay Flower Shop. We love to have fun with holidays! We put together some creative ideas when it comes to dressing up your flower arrangements for Halloween this year.


Use that pumpkin! A pumpkin doesn’t have to sit plain in the middle of a table...why not add a floral bouquet to it? This is one of our favorite creative twists when it comes to Halloween and flowers this year. Simply cut out the middle of the pumpkin, find a small vase that fits in it with some water and add flowers! It’s so easy and your guests will love it.

Time for a black vase. Now typically a black vase would not be our favorite but we like it during Halloween! It adds some mystery and theme to any traditional flower arrangement.

Find a skull. One of our other favorite vases during the Halloween season is a skull. It’s the perfect size and shape to hold any type of flowers and adds something special to any arrangement. It has a similar impact as a pumpkin but a little more spooky...in a good way!

Bats, spiders, anything creepy. Feeling like you want less effort to making your flower arrangement themed for halloween? Well, all you have to do is buy (or make) a few creatures to put in your flower arrangement. Whether you want them to be noticeable or more of a sneaky touch, the creepy crawlers in your flowers will be fun for everyone at the table!

It’s all about orange, red and yellow flowers. Nothing says halloween and the fall more than yellow, orange and red flowers. Make sure regardless of what arrangement you are putting together that they have fall colors in them. Only a few weeks left until winter is here so take advantage of the fall colors now!

Hope everyone enjoyed our Halloween inspiration this week. We’d love to see any of your creations on facebook or instagram so tag us in your arrangements! Check us out at http://www.nosegayflowers.net/ for any and all help when it comes to creating the perfect flower moment!