Our team at Nosegay has recently been wondering, “what’s the easiest way to start incorporating the winter 2015/2016 fashion trends as we think about getting dressed in the morning?” Well, we’ve got the answers for you. We want to make it as easy as possible for our readers when it comes to bringing some high fashion into their wardrobe this season so check out our tips here!

Black and white everywhere. Now this is one of the easier fashion trends to start bringing into your wardrobe because who doesn’t already have a lot of black in their closet? The harder thing is finding the “right” white to wear in the winter to make sure you don’t look too summery. Also, mix it up a little bit and look for some prints to add to your look that have both black and white incorporated.

VELVET. Enough said. We’ve been waiting for this trend to come back and it’s here in full force this winter! Steer away from your traditional corduroys this season and instead trade them in for a fun pair of velvet pants. Feel a little bit more daring? Go for a velvet dress to wear to your holiday party this December!

Quilted Jackets. We are in luck this season…now we can be warm and stylish! Quilted jackets were seen all over the fashion runways this fall and winter and are a must as we head into the colder weather months.

Don’t forget about pastels. This may sound strange as we are thinking about the winter season because pastels are typically reserved for the spring. But not this year! It’s all about baby blue, light pink, muted yellow and other spring colors you’re not used to seeing in the winter. Make sure they are seasonal and appropriate for the winter months but you will definitely be seeing a lot of these this season!

The eighties are back. Miss the 80s? Well, head back into your closet to find those great pieces you’ve saved from the decade. Your mom or dad likely has a lot of great gems from the 80s as well so make an appointment with them to go through their closet. Think big sunglasses, statement belts and other fun ways to bring the decade back. Also, note to self…make sure you keep stuff from this decade too because it will likely be back in style in another 20 years!

In addition to fashion advice, our team loves to think about how to make your flower arrangements perfect for any season…including winter! We customize each arrangement for what our customers are looking for so give us a call or visit our website http://www.nosegayflowers.net/ and we will help you design the perfect winter flowers