Curious what will be the biggest crowd pleaser at Thanksgiving dinner this year? Well, look no further! Here at Nosegay D.C. we take our Thanksgiving Day meal very seriously. There are a few important key food trends this year to make sure your Thanksgiving Day lunch or dinner is a hit! We aren’t going to bore you the traditional dishes like turkey…we know everyone will have turkey but here are some additional dishes to keep you guests happy!

Macaroni & Cheese: Now this might not strike you as a purely traditional Thanksgiving Day dish but you really can’t go wrong with macaroni and cheese. Want to make it even more special? Add some bacon to it to give it some added flavor. Also, the more cheese the better!

Try some soup: Some of our favorites are potato or cauliflower soup for this season. It helps to break up the boring appetizer often found at Thanksgiving. Find some mini bowls that people can use to drink their soup as they are mingling. The creamier, the happier your guests will be!

Mashed Potatoes: Now I know we said we would stay away from the more traditional dishes but it’s not a proper Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. You want to make sure not to disappoint anyone so make sure you’ve got plenty of mashed potatoes to go around. Also, feel free to have some sweet potatoes available as well since those are a Thanksgiving Day staple! There needs to be something at the very least on the table made with potatoes.

Kale Salad: It wouldn’t be a 2015 meal complete without some kale on the table. Make sure you take time preparing the kale as it needs to have olive oil lightly massaged into it to give it some flavor. Kale is one of our favorite ways to spice up any salad.

Roasted Vegetables with a Cider: We know this doesn’t sound that fun but you have got to have some vegetables on your Thanksgiving Day table. There is no better way to bring them into the festive theme than by adding some cider on top.

We hope you enjoyed our Thanksgiving Day tips. And remember, no Thanksgiving Day meal is complete without a beautiful Thanksgiving Day floral centerpiece. There are plenty of ways to make your flowers not boring this season so give us a call at Nosegay and we will help you design the perfect flowers to add to your table. Also, even if you are heading to someone else’s house and aren’t in charge of the cooking, definitely make sure you order some same day delivery flowers for you to bring to your hosts. Have a great holiday!