As we get ready to embark on our last month of 2015, we wanted to share our favorite flowers for December. Every home and office will always feel more welcoming with a nice floral bouquet. Look no further than our Nosegay flower blog for the best suggestions for December flowers.

Alstroemeria: Most commonly referred to as the Peruvian Lily, we’ve come to love these flowers especially in the winter. They are often less expensive than other flowers when it comes to purchasing at local DC florists. The leaves come in a variety of shapes but most often have smooth edges along their blades.  

Gardenias: Although most native to more tropical temperatures, gardenias are often found all over the east coast during the winter months. They often come in a beautiful winter white color that helps to bring an element of class and elegance to any home. Great for when you are throwing your holiday party this year!

Gerbera: When we think about colorful flowers for December, Gerbera flowers are what we have in mind. They are known for their large flower heard and are referred to as the “African Daisy.” When you have them in your garden, they will often attract birds, bees and butterflies. You really can’t go wrong with a bouquet of Gerbera because they have such magnificent colors – try a multicolor bouquet or a solid color can't go wrong! 

Poppies: These flowers are often grown for the color they bring to any garden or home. They are sure to brighten up all the rooms in your home. They are also known as the symbol of peace and sleepiness. Poppies most consistently have 4 to 6 petals per flower bud.

Peonies: We absolutely love peonies for December and frankly, any time of year! They are our favorite when it comes to wedding bouquets because they are so graceful and chic. Peonies are known for their large size and powerful fragrance.

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