Welcome (almost) to the Spring! The warm weather is in the air and we can feel spring coming for us. We are so excited for the warm weather and wanted to help our Nosegay readers get ready for what fashion trends will be on the scene this spring. Check out the latest and greatest fashion ideas for this spring and make sure to spend some time shopping this weekend!

It’s all about that suede. This has been bubbling up for a few seasons now but SUEDE is here to stay for this spring. And it’s not just a regular “suede look” it’s a 70s-inspired suede look. It’s less form fitting for the spring season and any way you can suede to your look will add value to your wardrobe.

No more plain white blouses. We know white blouses, t-shirts and tops are a staple in many women’s closets but this season it’s time to mix it up. No more plain white button downs! Add something that feels different than traditional and has a different take on a regular plain white button down.

It’s time for some flats. Now when you hear this you might think…is it appropriate to wear slippers in public? But just because these flat mules have a similar “slipper style” they are anything but slippers. They are high fashion and will definitely set your shoe game apart this spring.

Time to travel to Spain. As much as you might want to travel to Spain this spring (go for it!), even if you aren’t traveling there let the fashion of Spanish culture inspire you this spring. Wondering the easiest way to incorporate? Add some bold reds into your wardrobe this season.

Fringe ain’t over. We know fringe has been all over the last year but it’s not going anywhere yet! The spring is all about adding fringe to any part of your wardrobe and clothes. It could be on your purse, a full trim around a shirt or skirt…it doesn’t matter! You can’t go wrong.

ORANGE. Every season always has a signature color that you can’t avoid…this spring, its orange! This should be easy to add to your closet this spring because it’s all about finding the orange that works right for you.

We hope we made you all a little less anxious as it comes to putting together your wardrobe for this spring. There is no pressure to buy everything at once but hopefully it will make it a little bit easier as you start shopping to get ready for the warm weather. There is nothing more fun than adding items to your wardrobe that are perfect for the spring. Good luck!