Everyone loves receiving a beautiful floral arrangement! However, there is nothing more disappointing than the new flower delivery starting to wilt after just one day of having them on display. Never have that issue again with our proper care guide! We wanted your flower delivery to last as long as possible, which is why we want to share some of our top tips and tricks.

A Lovely Delivery—Now What?

You just received a stunning bouquet and you couldn’t be more excited to show it off. But now what do you do? First, consider where you are going to put the flowers. We highly recommend keeping the flowers as far away as possible from any drafts and extreme temperatures. This can dry out your flowers and even lead to quicker wilting. Make sure not to put your arrangement anywhere near the path of cigarette smoke either, as the ethylene gas can cause issues to many types of flowers. Oddly enough, fruit also gives off this gas, so don’t put your new arrangement next to your fruit bowl!

While some people might think that plants need sunlight to thrive, this is not the case with your bouquet. Your arrangement will be much more likely to die if it sits on a windowsill where it can get quickly overheated by the sun. Most flowers tend to last longer in cooler conditions, so don’t try to feed your plant by placing it in direct sunlight.

Keeping the Flowers Fresh

In order to keep your flowers looking as if they were just cut from your garden, make sure to keep your vase filled with water! We recommend submerging all flower and foliage stems completely. Flowers stay fresher for much longer when they can easily quench their thirst. Also, if your flowers came in some sort of basket or foam container, be sure to add clean water each day.

While you can keep your flowers in good condition overall, there will be some wilting happening as time goes on. As soon as you see any wilting leaves or stems, pull them off! This can help you keep the rest of the flowers looking lovely. Also, keep an eye on the water. Once it gets cloudy, it’s time to change it out.

How to Change the Water

While changing the water may seem simple, it isn’t as intuitive as you may think. Follow these steps to make sure you change the water properly without harming your plants:

  1. Remove any dying or dead flowers from the arrangement.
  2. Carefully remove all the flowers that are in good shape.
  3. Clean the vase thoroughly with soapy water in order to get rid of excess bacteria that could harm your flowers. Rinse thoroughly as well, as the soap is not good for plants!
  4. Replace the water and add in flower preservative according to the directions provided by the florist.
  5. Cut the stems with a sharp knife at an angle. We recommend doing this about one to two inches from the bottom in order to allow them to better absorb water. Do NOT use scissors, as they can crush the stem and limit the flower’s ability to get water.
  6. Place any loose stems or wrapped bouquets in a water mixture as quickly as possible!

Call Nosegay for Flower Delivery

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