As we quickly approach the fall, it’s time to make sure we are taking advantage of all the fun fall activities D.C. has to offer. We know the sun has not been shining since the fall started but once the sun is out, it's time for fall fun! Before we know it the winter will be here so take advantage of being able to go outside now. You might need to grab a light jacket but it’ll be a great time! 

Pumpkin Patch: The perfect fall activity this October is heading to a local pumpkin patch and the good news is there are plenty of options! There are a lot of activities at all the local pumpkin patches that include things like corn mazes, apple picking, haunted houses, etc. This is the perfect thing to bring any friends or family to! Also, after heading to the pumpkin patch you have another activity built in…pumpkin carving!

Hiking: Despite what you may know about the D.C. area there are lots of fun paths and hikes to take advantage of. Some of our favorites are Rock Creek Park, Crescent Trail and the Billy Goat Trail. They are great spots! 

Apple Picking: Who hasn’t looked at their Facebook feed in September and not seen people going apple picking? It’s a fun fall activity and gets you outside in a casual way. 

Take a walk in a garden: There are so many beautiful gardens all over D.C. that are perfect to take a walk in during the fall. We love Hillwood Mansion, U.S. Botanic Garden and Dumbarton Oaks. They are all in convenient locations across the district and pretty to see during the fall. 

Haunted Forest: This activity might not be for everyone but definitely a good time for those that are interested. It’s best to go at night prior to Halloween but a lot of Haunted Forests are open in November too. There are usually other activities to do there as well if you aren’t interested in being scared. 

Hope everyone has a great fall in D.C. and make sure to put together your fall bucket list sooner rather than later. It won’t be easy to get everything done before it gets super cold but it’s doable. Enjoy!