Don’t forget to celebrate this very important day for all the administrative professionals out there! Ever wonder how this day came to be? During World War II there was a shortage of administrative personnel so the National Secretaries Association created this celebratory day to try to attract new workers to their field. It was meant to recognize their value to the economy and invest in their professional development. When Administrative Professionals’ Day celebrations began it was held as “National Secretaries Week” in 1952. The name was then updated again in the 80s and then again in 2000 when it was called “Administrative Professionals; Day.”

While the most traditional mode of celebration for this important day is taking Administrative Professionals out to lunch by their managers or bosses…there are many more ways to celebrate! Below are our favorite ideas:

Give them a gift card. Your Administrative Professional would love to have some extra money to spend on shopping or Starbucks. It doesn’t need to be a lot of money, it’s more the thought that counts.

Take them out to lunch. Any one-on-one time you can spend with your administrative professional will help them recognize how much you value them. It will also give you the time to talk with them in an environment outside of work. It will help you get to know them on a more personal level.

Write them a nice note. Who doesn’t like getting a note about how great they are? Make sure to take your time to write it and add specific examples of why you appreciate them!

Give them an extra day off. Everyone loves a vacation day! Whether it’s a future date (maybe another day during a holiday weekend) or you just tell them not to come in tomorrow, either way will work!

Send them flowers. Everyone loves a floral arrangement at their desk to show off at work. This is a simple gesture but will have a big impact on them knowing how important they are. It also let’s everyone else know how thankful you are for them!

Let them use your office. This might seem a little unconventional but it’s a fun way to mix things up. We know they will enjoy sitting in your office for the day and will be a way for them to get out of their regular routine at work.

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