Flowers, for centuries, have been a defining token gesture for showing one’s appreciation to another person. Gifting someone flowers communicates to them that you care for them, you want them to be happy, and you’re thinking about them. There’s a reason why that practice has never died — it’s just hard not to feel happy when you’ve been given the gift of flowers.

As professional flower delivery experts and florists in the Washington D.C. area, we’ve made more than enough flowers to see all kinds of different situations in which somebody can be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected flower delivery! Want to make someone’s day? Consider some of the following ideas:

Randomly Sending Flowers To Your Significant Other

Want to know one of our biggest pet-peeves when it comes to flowers? The idea that there has to be some kind of occasion to gift them to someone! In reality, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a random gift of flowers from their loved one, just because.

While we definitely advocate randomly showing up with flowers when you greet your partner, we think there’s also a special kind of significance when you send a company to do it; it says, “I’m thinking of you” much more strongly than a tactfully worded text message ever could (yes, even a really cutesy one).

Sending Flowers to Someone Who’s Hospitalized

We never want it to happen, but sometimes it’s unavoidable and a loved one will find their way to the hospital, often for an extended period of time. We don’t have to say that the most ideal option is, of course, for you to be there by their side, sometimes that’s just not possible. It might be someone who’s out of state (but still very important to you) or someone who you can visit, but not all the time, due to work or other responsibilities.

Sometimes the best way to make their day is to send some flowers as a sincere “get well soon” gift. It shows that, even though you can’t be there, you’re still thinking of them and hoping for their active recovery. It can also give a bedridden patient something lovely to look at, and provide some much needed floral scents to their hospital room.

Ordering Flowers to Your Home for Your Sick Partner

This idea is similar to the one above, but in a slightly different way. Have you ever considered getting flowers delivered to your own house, while you’re there? If you really want to score some points with your partner, consider ordering some flowers for delivery during a period where you’re taking care of them in a time of need.

Sometimes the best way to make your significant other happy when they’re down is to just be there with them — snuggling, watching movies together, and making hot soup for them. These are all things that can go a long way when they’re struggling with illness or general sadness.

Why not go the extra mile, and get them flowers as a get-well gift while you’re tending to their needs? It’s a cute and clever way to surprise them, while still not having to leave their side.

Sending Flowers to a Family Member Out of State

One last way to make someone’s day with flowers is to send them something when you can’t personally be there to deliver it yourself. This most commonly applies to out-of-state situations.

There are all kinds of circumstances that can pull family apart. Young adults will spend tremendous amounts of time away from home as they pursue their schooling and careers; traveling businessmen may find themselves constantly moving around while their family remains rooted in one place, or a loved one might move to a different state due to a job or other opportunity.

In all of these instances, arranging flower delivery from afar can be a heartwarming and easy way to brighten their lives. If you have someone in the Washington D.C. area, we would be happy to deliver a floral arrangement to them!

Never Underestimate the Power of Flowers

Flowers, even though they don’t do much except for look and smell nice, will likely continue to be a token of goodwill and affection for as long as they exist. There is something so natural in us that can’t help but feel good from a lovely flower gift, so finding ways to provide that for friends, partners, and family can be an easy way to make them feel very special.

For all of your flower delivery needs in the Washington D.C. area, please contact Nosegay Flowers today, or browse our online store! As professional florists, we know how to make floral arrangements that everyone can love. Help us make the day of someone who means a lot to you!