We know plenty of readers out there have been tasked with the role of planning a friend or family member’s upcoming Bachelorette Party (or Bachelor Party). We thought we would add a quick and easy guide to getting the job done well with minimal stress. Let the games begin!

  1. Find a weekend that works for everyone. You can’t do much else in the planning department until you know when you’re going. Depending on how many people you are coordinating with, it might be difficult to find a date that works for EVERYONE. Make sure you know from the bride or groom who are the “must haves” vs. “nice to haves.” We’ve found sending out a “doodle” to everyone can make it easy to coordinate. Make sure you give yourself dates that are far enough away to plan everything before.
  2. Brainstorm locations. Always good to have a list of a few places to go from the bride before you finalize the location. Unless the bride has their heart set on one place, of course! It will be easier that way to then decide what the most cost effective option is if budget is a concern. Some of our favorite Bachelorette Party locations are: Nashville, Austin, Charleston, Napa, Miami and anywhere in the Caribbean.
  3. Check prices. After you find your date and location, you need to check how much everything will cost. That can be the biggest bummer for guests is going somewhere SUPER expensive or people not being able to join because of the price. Keep in mind, airfare (if necessary) and price of where you are staying are only the beginning of what you spend your money on so make sure it’s not too crazy for the guests.
  4. Book a hotel or house to stay in! Make sure you have somewhere to stay and that it’s reserved far enough in advance that you won’t need to stress about that later on.
  5. Decide on favors. It’s always nice for the guests and bride to walk away with some sort of “favor” or “gift” for attending the Bachelorette. This way they will always have something to remember it by. We like monogrammed sunglasses or custom t-shirts as our favorite party favors.
  6. Make reservations. The most stressful thing during a Bachelorette is trying to find a place where everyone can eat together or hang out so make sure you have that planned out in advance. Depending on how big your group is and how popular the location is, you want to make sure you don’t end up some place for dinner that can’t seat you all or you have to wait for two hours to get seated.
  7. Plan games. But not too many! The games are definitely a fun added bonus to just a normal weekend but they can get old after a while. Our suggestion for a weekend is no more than two games to make sure there is enough to do but it doesn’t feel overly orchestrated.
  8. Make sure there is down time. As much as you want to make the most of your trip, you don’t want to overly plan it so that everyone is exhausted and miserable. It’s nice to have natural breaks between day and night time activities so people don’t always feel rushed or tired.

Hope you enjoyed our Nosegay Bachelorette suggestions! Remember, you can always leverage Nosegay for all your flower needs when it comes to your upcoming nuptials.