Thought this topic was rather timely given the recent beginning of 2015. We know a lot of you out there have recently made New Year’s resolutions. Now it’s time to make sure you keep them. Here are some tips and advice when it comes to making sure you follow through with your 2015 goals.


  1. Be realistic. Make sure your 2015 goals aren’t too aspirational that it will be too hard to keep. You want to feel proud at the end of the year and say that you accomplished it so don’t set yourself up to fail.
  2. Set deadlines. When do you want to have this done by? A lot of people pick resolutions that last the entire year which is why so many people don’t keep up with them. Use the momentum from the New Year and get it done sooner rather than later. Maybe break it up into different parts of the year if it’s easier that way.
  3. Write it down and put it somewhere you can see. This will help you remember it and continue to think about it. Make sure it’s in a visible place that you see often.
  4. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t let yourself or get away with not completing your resolution. A little trick is to right it at the end of your calendar of each month until it gets completed. That way you’ll have to stare at it the entire month if you haven’t done it yet. A good reminder to make sure it happens!
  5. Make it easy. We don’t mean that it can’t be a fun or adventurous resolution we just mean that you should do something that can get done. For example, it could be having fresh flowers in your home weekly, talking to your family more, reading a book a month, etc. We just mean that if you have no vacation time for the rest of the year you shouldn’t make your resolution to take a trip to Peru.
  6. It’s not too late! We know technically you are supposed to have our New Year’s resolution decided before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st but it’s never too late to decide to do something differently in 2015. Anything you want to do can be done! So go for it and declare your resolution this month.

We hope you enjoyed our blog this week and remember the Nosegay D.C. family when you are ordering online flowers to keep your home happy in 2015. It won’t take any time but it will definitely add something to your everyday life.