It’s that time of year again! It’s the day when we make sure to thank all the Administrative Professionals that are in the workforce. Now we should be thankful and show our gratitude every day but we should also make sure that next Wednesday feels special. This year it’s happening on Wednesday, April 22nd. If you’re interested in the history of Administrative Professionals’ Day and where the day came from..check out our blog here.


However, the more productive thing we should be brainstorming this week is how can we give back to all the Administrative Professionals in our lives. Here are some clever gift ideas or just easy ways to thank you and make the day feel special:

Go out to lunch. It’s a day to celebrate and to recognize. Make sure you are taking a few moments during the day at the very least to let all the Administrative Professionals know how much they mean to you. Going out to lunch is also a great idea because you can plan it in advance so no one gets too busy and it makes sure you have a moment in the day that isn’t just about work.

Don’t ask for anything. Instead of being a day that’s all about Administrative Professionals getting everything done for the people they work with, let’s take a break for one day and relax. Let all the Administrative Professionals out there kick their feet up a little bit for once!

Take the day off. Why not! Always a good excuse to get out of the office but if you do that you may miss out on everyone getting to thank you. Might be a good day to be at work actually!

Send Flowers. Another excuse to get flowers? Sounds like a great idea to me. There are so many different options when it comes to floral arrangements. And if you forget to place your order before Wednesday...have no fear! There are always same day delivery flowers options in D.C.

Plants, plants and more plants! Benefit of this over flowers is it lasts longer. Always nice to have a plant in your office or on your desk. This gift will definitely go a long way and be a good daily reminder that our Administrative Professionals are appreciated. A lot of great D.C. flower shops have great plant arrangements in addition to flower deliveries.

Hope everyone is geared up for an awesome celebration in a week! At the very least, make sure to be thankful to everyone you work with (always) but especially on Wednesday, April 22nd. There should be a lot of “thank yous” and “what can I do for you today?” being shared throughout the day. We are looking forward to it!