We know there are a TON of summer weddings that happen every year…you know what that means! There are a ton of summer anniversaries that happen every year. We know that it can be tough to find the perfect flower to celebrate your wedding or relationship anniversary so we thought we would give our readers some pointers of our favorite summer anniversary flowers.

Carnations: Now these flowers truly mean love but be careful because they mean love differently in different shades. For anniversary flowers, we would recommend either red or white. Red truly symbolizes “love” and white symbolizes “innocence and pure love.” White could be better for a wedding rather than an anniversary. Whatever you do, don’t get yellow! It represents disdain, rejection and disappointment.

Chrysanthemum: The perfect example of wonderful different types of “love” all encompassed in one flower. The reason why we love chrysanthemums for anniversaries is because the flower as a whole represents loyalty, positivity and an unbreakable bond. We think you’d agree that these are all things everyone wants in a marriage. We’d recommend white if you are trying to figure out the right color for the floral bouquet.

Daisy: We know we always talk about how much we love daisies at Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. but that’s because they are perfect for so many occasions. They are so cheery and bright that they are sure to have a lasting impact on a wonderful anniversary bouquet. They go so great with so many different types of flowers, don’t worry about whether you have them alone or pair them with other types of flowers. Daisies represent innocence and purity but also loyal love which is why we are obsessed with them for anniversary flowers.

Lily: Although a “lily” doesn’t directly correlate to love it is a wonderful bouquet to send to the woman or man that you love on your anniversary and we will tell you why! It represents beauty and who doesn’t want that symbolized on their anniversary. Our favorites are stargazing lilies so make sure to get a bunch of them for your upcoming anniversary.

We hope these tips were helpful. When it comes to searching for the perfect anniversary floral bouquet, look no further than Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. We will make your anniversary flowers absolutely amazing! Please visit http://www.nosegayflowers.net/ for more wedding and flower information.