Hello readers! Given our spirit around the month of August (it happens to be our favorite month of the year) we thought we would tell our readers about the best flowers for August. These are both some of the most popular flowers as well best for the heat in the summer. Here are our top 5 flowers for the month of August: 


Sunflower: We’ve spotlighted sunflowers before so check out our blog on them! Our favorite way to use sunflowers is by themselves. They look best presented on their own because they are bold enough that you don’t want them overpowering the other flowers around them. 

Daffodil: These beautiful flowers are perfect for August. They are most commonly found in Europe, North Africa and West Asia. They are commonly used in both gardening and landscaping. But don’t forget about using them in flower bouquets because they make the perfect addition. 

Freesia: These are some of our favorite flowers that don’t get nearly enough attention. Not only do they come in amazing colors but they also bring a beautiful fragrant to any room they are in. They are flunnel-shaped flowers that are most populated in southern Africa, from Kenya down to South Africa. Freesia are found in the color yellow, pink, red and blue-mauve (looks close to purple). Don’t forget these are great when you are thinking about sending flowers.

Gerbera: We can’t start thinking about gerbera without thinking about their amazing colors. Perfect for the summer, especially in August! They are probably the most familiar to our readers on this list. They are often used in gardening as well as cut flowers...perfect for fresh flower delivery

Iris: Doesn’t get much brighter than the color of an iris. They are a bit more rare than the rest of our list. However, they are most commonly used in flowering plants as they make a great statement in a garden. Interest fact about the iris? Their name comes from the Greek word “rainbow.” They are best known for their height and bright color. 

Hope you enjoyed our blog on August flowers. Until next time from the Nosegay florist team.