As the spring approaches (or at least is supposed to be), our readers are likely heading to a ton of Bridal Showers with wedding season right around the corner. For some of our special readers, they aren’t just attending the event, they are actually organizing the event! We have some tips if you’re in charge of planning the Bridal Shower. 

Bridal Shower Tips

  1. Go pink or go home! Don’t be afraid to get girly when it comes to preparing for a Bridal Shower. Make sure this is something the bride-to-be would be happy about but if there is one time to embrace the power of pink it’s an occasion like this. Want an easy way to bring in pink? Go with the bridal shower flowers. Almost every variety of flowers come in a shade of pink. Whether it’s a softer pink or a bright one, you can’t go wrong!
  2. Make sure invitations go out at least a month to six weeks in advance.  
  3. Hosting your own Bridal Shower as a bride-to-be is a big no-no! Of course, you can be part of the planning and picking a date but make sure to hand the reigns over to others for this occasion. 
  4. Don’t forget to make sure the groom shows up right before the bride-to-be opens her gift. This may seem cheesy but it is a tradition that is definitely back!
  5. Keep it neutral. If your bride-to-be likes simpler decor, don’t be afraid to stay neutral with your theme. A beautiful shower can consist of all white flowers and all white decorations. Try roses or lilies when it comes to looking for white flowers that still standout. Washington D.C. florists are great for finding a variety of white flowers for the special day. 
  6. If you’re the one organizing the Bridal Shower make sure you has someone delegated to organizing all the ribbons from the gifts that are opened on the day. At most Bridal Showers the bride-to-be heads home with a “bouquet” made out of all the ribbons from the gifts that are opened. Good thing for her to keep to remember the special day!
  7. Let the flowers be the theme. Whether it’s a particular color or a special type of flower, this is an easy way to make a beautiful shower without going over the top with a theme. Feel free to use Pantone Spring 2014 colors as you’re thinking about incorporating flowers in your spring Bridal Shower. They all would make wonderful additions! Like Dazzling Blue, Celosia Orange, Freesia or any of the others. There are flowers in all these shades! Local flower shops like Nosegay florist D.C. are great places to find flowers for these upcoming showers. 
Hope you enjoyed these tips! Our team at Nosegay is happy to help with flowers for your upcoming Bridal Shower. Contact us!