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We know that there are a ton of Bridal Showers happening this time of year in preparation for all the fall and winter weddings. There is one thing that every bridal shower has in common…bridal shower flowers! It’s often hard to pick which flowers you’d like best for your shower after already picking the ones for your wedding, but have no fear! Nosegay is here to give some great suggestions of our favorite fall flowers for any Bridal Shower this season.

Roses: Now these might seem like a traditional flower to pick for a Bridal Shower but the reality is roses can really add beauty to your event. The best news is that they come in many different shades all perfect for a bridal shower. Our favorite rose color for a bridal shower is purple, white and pink.

Peonies: It’s hard to imagine a bridal shower without peonies on the table. They are the perfect addition to any bridal shower because they are overly feminine and beautiful. Peonies are also perfect because they come in white and pink which usually goes well with any bridal shower theme.

Baby’s Breath: We love baby’s breath because it helps to fill up any vase or jar to make it look even fuller (for a low price). These flowers are neutral and will go with any flower arrangement so always something good to add.

Calla Lilies: Have more of a modern bride? We love calla lilies to add a little something different and unique to any bridal shower. They are simple and elegant and perfect to represent the beautiful bride that day.

Mason Jars: We know mason jars aren’t a type of flower but we love using them being used instead of traditional vases. They help to make the shower more fun and whimsical. Try tying a ribbon, yarn or anything around the mason jar to make it even prettier.

Remember, Nosegay is always here for you to find the perfect flowers for any special event especially Bridal Showers. Please give us a call or check out our website

As we mentioned in our last blog, there is only one thing to be talking about during this time of year and its Thanksgiving. With one of our favorite holidays quickly approaching…it’s time to focus around preparation for this joyous occasion. To make sure you aren’t spending all day worrying about how to decorate while you are cooking, it’s time now to take a few moments to think about what to put on your tables.

Now last time we went over different types of centerpieces to incorporate on your table and this time we would like to highlight all the amazing flowers that will look lovely featured in floral arrangements on your Thanksgiving Day table. Feel free to make your own centerpieces (and be sure to use our tips we posted in our last blog!) but there are always online delivery flowers when it comes to having the perfect floral centerpiece. Just make sure to tell the D.C. flower shop what you’d like to be included in the arrangement.

Roses: Roses add a traditional touch to any floral arrangement on Thanksgiving. Our recommendation would be to stick with orange and yellow roses to stay away from the romantic feel that red roses can often add.  

Lilies: There is a beautiful red shade of lilies that will add a wonderful feeling to any Thanksgiving Day flower arrangement. We would not be as excited about traditional mostly white lilies in your arrangement since it takes away from the fall feel of the event but if you want them it’s up to you! Also, remember, lilies often have a very strong (and beautiful) scent coming from the flowers so you will want to move the arrangement when your guests are eating.  

Sunflower: Although sunflowers may not be traditionally seen on Thanksgiving, we love the autumn and seasonal feel that they bring to any arrangement. Make sure the centerpiece looks good before adding them but we think they are a definite “do” for this season’s Thanksgiving floral centerpieces.

Daisy poms: We love these fun flowers since they add some texture to your more traditional arrangements. The great news is they come in a ton of different colors. We’d recommend orange and yellows for Thanksgiving Day.

Chrysanthemums: As you know from our “chrysanthemum” spotlight a few weeks ago you know that we love these flowers (that are actually a plant) for this time of year. If you are thinking about using these for your centerpiece, we’d recommend more of a basket-feel type of centerpiece as opposed to a traditional vase. It goes better when using chrysanthemums.

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions for this upcoming Thanksgiving Day. Remember, that as long as you are with people you love it’ll be a great day and flowers just help to add a little some extra special. Happy Thanksgiving!