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We know the D.C. area is bracing for it’s first and last snow storm of the winter this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about spring flowers being right around the corner. Some of our favorite flower types are perfect for the spring weather. Get out your green thumb and make your plan for a beautiful garden. Use our ideas below! 

Tulips. You can’t talk about the spring flowers without mentioning tulips. If we had to pick one type of flower to always have in our home…it would be tulips! We love these because of the many colors they come in and how long they last. They are perfect for a big area in your garden or flower pots where you want to show a lot of personality. 

Hyacinth. If you like the color purple as much we do than hyacinth are the perfect flower for your garden. They are native to the Mediterranean. They work best if you plant them in the fall and let them bloom in the spring. They are also an incredibly fragrant flower so it is sure to make your garden or home smell delicious. 

Cherry Blossom Tree. Being from the D.C. area, we had to mention cherry blossoms! Now these aren’t easy to have in your garden and you would definitely need a lot of room…but why not give it a shot! They make a beautiful centerpiece to any garden and would look perfect if you have a lot of space to fill. 

Pansy. These flowers are some of the most common flowers you see planted in a garden. They are good at taking up a lot of space and are low maintenance for your garden. Make sure you use moist and well drained soil. They also enjoy lots of water so make sure to water them frequently!

Daffodil. If you like yellow and white in any combination than daffodils are for you! They are perfect for any garden. These flowers work well in full sun or part shade but will definitely need access to some sun. Make sure if it doesn’t rain early in the spring that you give these flowers some water before they decide not to bloom. 

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We know it happens every year but that doesn’t make us any less excited! The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. will be happening on the first day of Spring this year. How fitting! It will begin on Friday, March 20th and will run through Sunday, April 12th. If you’re interested in learning about the history of the festival check out Nosegay’s blog that explains everything. The short version is the cherry blossom trees were a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo to Washington, D.C. in the early 1900s. They were a gift to represent the friendship between the United States and Japan.

Keep in mind that during these few weeks throughout the festival, there are a ton of great events that happen. Make sure to plan in advance so you can go to some of the fabulous events:

  • Pink Tie Party Fundraiser on Thursday, March 19th at the Ronald Reagan Building and the International Trade Center.
  • Opening Ceremony on Saturday, March 21st. This event has ton of great performers and is even FREE to the public, however, tickets have been on sale since the beginning of this year so act fast! The ceremony will take place at the Warner Theatre.
  • Blossom Kite Festival on Saturday, March 28th.
  • Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival on Saturday, April 4th.
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade on Saturday, April 11th. This infamous parade takes place  on Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th Street. You can pay for ground seating or stand along the parade route and watch for free. There is a ton of energy during this event and if there is one thing we recommend not missing from the Cherry Blossom Festival it’s definitely this one.
  • Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival on Saturday, April 11th.

If you are looking for more information on the Cherry Blossom Festival make sure to visit the official homepage of this traditional time in our nation’s capitol. The great news about all of this is you don’t have to go to any of the events to truly embrace the cherry blossoms. You can see them at any time of day once they bloom! It’s been predicted that the peak bloom will happen around April 11th. But be ready! They always come earlier than we think.

It wouldn’t be a spring in D.C. without the infamous Cherry Blossoms. The good news is we are only a few weeks away from this beautiful time in the city. The Cherry Blossoms frame the Jefferson Memorial and seeing them is a must! These trees surround the Tidal Basin and line the shores of the Potomac River and Washington Channel. The time of full bloom varies year to year (can happen any time in between the middle of March and the middle of April) but should happen this year at some point between April 9th and 13th. Remember, as quickly as they bloom, they are gone even quicker so make sure you see them while you can! Our Nosegay florist team can't wait for these beautiful D.C. flowers to be in full bloom. 

Even as a D.C. native, we’ve always wondered where these beautiful and unique trees came from and how they ended up in D.C. The Cherry Trees date back to 1912 and were gifted to the United States from the People of Japan. In Japan, these cherry trees are known as “Sakura” and are more common in plant form. The Cherry Trees are meant to symbolize the energy that comes along with human life and the transformation of Japanese culture throughout the ages.

The majority of Cherry Trees that surround the Tidal Basin in D.C. were gifted throughout the 1960s to early 2000s at different important points during American history. These Cherry Trees have been gifts from the Japanese Government to the U.S. government. Through this cycle of giving, the cherry trees have fulfilled their role as a symbol and an agent of friendship.

Also, if you have a chance, make sure you stop by the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade on April 12th. The Parade runs from Constitution Avenue between 9th and 15th streets, NW and is open to the public. You’ll be sure to find vibrant colors running throughout the Parade as well as a few special appearances from musicians. We know all D.C. florists are looking forward to this time of year so make sure you don’t miss out!