Ever wonder what it means when you see a “design bouquet” from a local flower shop? Custom flower design bouquets are perfect when you can’t decide what to send. We have a level expertise and experience at Nosegay D.C. Flower Shop and we love to use it! Our floral designers will create something unique while using the seasonal best flowers. We use beautiful glass vases and the best part is you get to pick the amount you went to want pay per flower arrangement. There is also a comment section for you to give our designers specific instructions on how you want your bouquet to look or what colors to include. This arrangements also includes a personalized gift message!


This is one of our favorite parts of ordering modern day flower bouquets, especially when it comes to ordering online. You can really customize what you want in your arrangement including type of design, colors and price! We use words like “classic, contemporary, romantic and colorful” in your description so we know what to design to make you happy. However, these type of floral arrangements are most beneficial for people who can’t decide what they want to send. If that’s the case, just pick the dollar amount and let our wonderful florists do the rest.

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about our designer choice bouquets and will order one soon. When looking for the best flowers to send your friends and family, check out Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. We will make you the best arrangement! Please visit http://www.nosegayflowers.net/ for more information!