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Getting ready to celebrate Easter with your friends and family this upcoming weekend? Well, the only thing to make your Easter even better this year is a beautiful floral bouquet. Whether you are going somewhere to celebrate or hosting friends and family for Easter this year…you can’t go wrong with an Easter Bouquet from Nosegay. Here are our some of our favorite Easter bouquets this year…

Colorful World Gerbera Daisies. A bright mix of fresh gerberas is sure to warm anybody's heart. A perfect gift for any occasion, this bouquet brings cheer to anyone who sees. Colorful World bouquet has 11 multi-colored gerbera daisies in a sleek cylindrical glass vase with minimal greenery.

Natural Wonders Bouquet. This garden bouquet displays the bright colors of nature. Arrangement includes orange lilies, purple iris, and dainty white daisies, with pink mini carnations and yellow solidago. All are designed in a whitewash handled basket. Iris may be substituted according to seasons.

White Lilies and Hydrangeas. This tall arrangement features white lilies, blue hydrangea and delphinium, pink snapdragons and roses, and more. You can’t bring this arrangement anywhere without it making a big statement…perfect idea for Easter!

Floral Fantasia. Lush roses, exotic orchids, glossy tulips and hydrangea are some of the most beautiful fresh flowers available to florists… and this lavish and upscale bouquet features them all, in a range of brilliant colors including vibrant hot pink, lavender and chartreuse. These flowers are simply spectacular. Hot pink and lavender roses, pink and green hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids and viburnum, and purple tulips are delivered in a glass cylinder vase lined with aspidistra leaves.

Regal Purple Orchid. This stunning orchid is firmly planted in the most beautiful kind of reality. These exotic lavender phalaenopsis orchid will be delivered in an elegant cube. It's easy to take care of and lovely to look at.

Festive Big Hug Bouquet.  This arrangement is a bright and beautiful way to send your warmest wishes and sweet affection. Pink gerbera daisies are surrounded by yellow Peruvian Lilies, fuchsia mini carnations, purple statice and lush greens perfectly presented in a ceramic light green vase hugged by a darling brown plush bear to create an incredible gift for any occasion. These flowers are perfect to send to friends or family that you can’t be with during Easter.

We hope you enjoyed our Easter flower suggestions for this year. Remember, you can always give Nosegay a call or visit our website and we can customize any flower arrangement for you! You can reach us at 202-338-1146 or We love making our customers smile and what better way to do that than getting to celebrate Easter with all of you. Enjoy the special day!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays over the weekend. We know it was a time for family and friends but it was also a time for flowers! As everyone in D.C. has noticed, our beautiful spring season is trying to arrive. It keeps coming for a few days and then leaves us again but at Nosegay flower shop D.C. we are hoping that spring will be here to stay soon! Not just for the weather but for how much fun with flowers you can have in the spring. Here are some of our favorite spring time flowers that we’d recommend for using to celebrate Easter, Passover and any other special occasion coming up. 

  • Tulip: You can’t talk about spring flowers without talking about tulips. They are the epitome of the spring in part because of the amazing variety of colors they come in. Including lovely spring pastel shades. Don’t forget to replant your tulips in your garden before they die because they will re-bloom on their own! Tulips are also perfect for same day delivery flowers.
  • Pansy: Now these beautiful flowers are more for the gardeners out there. If you’re wondering the reason why it’s because they enjoy the warm weather but still like it to be relatively cool. You will often see these flowers in abundance when it comes to spring gardens throughout D.C. and other cities as well!
  • Redbud: These plentiful flowers look very similar to the cherry blossoms that people from D.C. are familiar with. They bloom in an amazing amount on the trees they grow from and you can’t walk by them without taking notice. Catch them while you can though! Once they are bloom they are susceptible to being knocked down by rain and wind...and you know what they say about April showers.
  • Lily: Commonly seen in flower arrangement and always available when it comes to D.C. flower deliveries. They smell beautiful and are often added to an arrangement to be really bold. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes which is why they are so useful when it comes to an flower arrangement.
  • Sunflowers: One of our favorite flowers during any time of year but we love sunflowers especially in the spring. The great news about the sunflower is you only need a few in vase and you still have a beautiful, thoughtful flower arrangement on your hands.

We know Easter just finished up but it’s never too late to send flowers to someone you love that you weren’t able to celebrate with over the weekend. Also keep in mind that Passover will be celebrated for the next week and it’s also nice to send Passover flowers to someone you love and care for. No one has ever complained about receiving a beautiful flower arrangement!

When it comes to celebrating Easter on Sunday, April 20th, the perfect addition to this special occasion! Easter coincides with the debut of multiple beautiful spring flowers. There are lots of flowers that continue to reappear during this time of year and we wanted to give our Nosegay readers some tips when it comes to our favorite Easter flowers. Flowers are linked to Easter for religious reasons as well as symbolizes the beginning of Spring. 

Here are our Top 5 Easter Flowers: 

Lily: This particular flower is the most common throughout the spring time as well as most likely to be seen during Easter. Lilies vary in color, shape and size which is why they are so versatile and perfect for this occasion. If you are looking to start a garden, choose lilies! Plan them in fall before it gets too cold and they will likely be around for years to come in your garden. 

Tulip: Every one of our Nosegay florist readers is definitely familiar with this flower type. Not only are these flowers common for Easter but a very good option when it comes to same day flower delivery. If you didn’t know, the tulip is part of the lily family. Fun fact: if you get tulip in a floral arrangement for Easter (or any time!) replant your tulips in your garden before they die...they will re-bloom on their own! 

Daffodil: With the heavy associate with love, daffodils are often used to decorate beautiful Easter brunch and dinner tables. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for decorating with tall vases so your guests can see each other without having to move your flower arrangements. They are native to meadows and woods in Europe, Africa and throughout the Western Mediterranean. 

Hyacinth: These flowers are known for their wonderful fragrance. You’ll often find these flowers are associated with “rebirth” which is why they are often seen during Easter. They are most likely found in a beautiful blue and purple shade. However, you can also find them in yellow and pink or red. 

Daisy: You’ll most likely find these flowers scattered across gardens across the country as well as during Easter. A daisy consists of a yellow center and what appears to be white petals around the yellow center. However, each individual “petal” is in fact an individual flower. Despite their beauty, these flowers are often mistaken or considered weeds and are native to Europe. 

You don’t need to celebrate this holiday religiously to enjoy it because of all the beautiful flowers that come along Easter. Given it’s timing, it’s often symbolizes the beginning of spring. We know we’ve been talking about the end of the cold for our DC flower readers for awhile now but hopefully after Easter we can celebrate consistently nice weather as well!