It’s time to kick it into high gear this summer and change up your boring gym routine. There are so many fun and creative ways to get your sweat on that you don’t want to miss out on. We had our Nosegay friends on a mission all summer to get in shape and have fun while they do it. Good news for you is they all reported back and now we wanted to share all our great information with our readers! 


Orange Theory. This new exercise craze is already all over but has recently started taking over the D.C., M.D. and VA area. The class pushes you to your limit and has you focused on different interval training all throughout it’s 60 minutes. The best news about it? It’s so intense that you continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after the class is over!

BLAST. This gym has the feeling of a boutique gym that puts it’s clients first. It focuses on treadmill and floor exercises during it’s class. It combines what perfect bodies need the most…cardio and strength training! Also, BLAST has a nutrition component available for all participants to make sure you are eating right when you leave the gym. 

Spin & Cycle. It’s hard to pick our favorite D.C. cycle studio because there are so many good options. Make sure to check out Zengo, Flywheel and Soul Cycle. All three studios have multiple locations all over the city. We love cycling to get our blood flowing and sweat it out!

Peloton. Don’t have time to get a class during the week? The new “thing” is all about doing exercise classes at home like you are in your very own spin studio. This way you can exercise on your own schedule. You can buy your own bike and cycle in your home at your convenience. 

CorePower Yoga. Do you like yoga but want more of a fast/cardio workout? Try CorePower Yoga for a hard and intense yoga-like workout. Just make sure you are ready for a HOT class since the classes are all heated. 

Hope everyone is looking forward to getting into shape before the end of the summer! We want to make sure you can enjoy your  freshly toned body at the pool. Remember, it’s more about finding an exercise class and workout that you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like work. Enjoy!