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We are likely not alone in our anticipation for fall since it will finally mean an end to the summer heat! However, we love fall for lots of reasons, all of which have to do with the amazing fall flowers that are about to bloom! We know there are plenty of green thumbs out there who are getting ready to plant their fall gardens before the colder months hit. We thought we would add some of our favorite fall flowers to your repertoire as you get ready to start planting.  

Calla Lilies: One of our all-time favorites that are absolutely stunning and elegant. Even as a single flower on their own, they look like perfection. Despite their gorgeous appearance, they are actually a low maintenance flower to grow. They need to be planted in well-drained soil with full sun. The only exception is in the warmer climates they should be in partial shade.

Carnations: One thing to note about planting carnations is they may not bloom the first year you plant them. They do enjoy sunlight throughout the day and access to lots of water. You can also begin planting them indoors and then transfer them outside if you want a better chance of them blooming their first year.

Chrysanthemum: We love seeing the “mum” craze that happens across gardens in the fall. We can understand why since chrysanthemums are such a robust flower and help to take up a lot of space in a garden. We’d recommend making sure you pick the right type of chrysanthemum for your garden before deciding on which one to plant. They also prefer lots of sunlight, so make sure you pick a sunny area!

Amaryllis: These plants are perfect for indoors or outdoors! People adore them for their huge, brightly beaming blooms and large leaves. If you are looking for a tropical element to add inside or outside…look no further! They also need lots of sunlight to fully thrive in any garden.

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As we quickly approach the fall, it’s time to make sure we are taking advantage of all the fun fall activities D.C. has to offer. We know the sun has not been shining since the fall started but once the sun is out, it's time for fall fun! Before we know it the winter will be here so take advantage of being able to go outside now. You might need to grab a light jacket but it’ll be a great time! 

Pumpkin Patch: The perfect fall activity this October is heading to a local pumpkin patch and the good news is there are plenty of options! There are a lot of activities at all the local pumpkin patches that include things like corn mazes, apple picking, haunted houses, etc. This is the perfect thing to bring any friends or family to! Also, after heading to the pumpkin patch you have another activity built in…pumpkin carving!

Hiking: Despite what you may know about the D.C. area there are lots of fun paths and hikes to take advantage of. Some of our favorites are Rock Creek Park, Crescent Trail and the Billy Goat Trail. They are great spots! 

Apple Picking: Who hasn’t looked at their Facebook feed in September and not seen people going apple picking? It’s a fun fall activity and gets you outside in a casual way. 

Take a walk in a garden: There are so many beautiful gardens all over D.C. that are perfect to take a walk in during the fall. We love Hillwood Mansion, U.S. Botanic Garden and Dumbarton Oaks. They are all in convenient locations across the district and pretty to see during the fall. 

Haunted Forest: This activity might not be for everyone but definitely a good time for those that are interested. It’s best to go at night prior to Halloween but a lot of Haunted Forests are open in November too. There are usually other activities to do there as well if you aren’t interested in being scared. 

Hope everyone has a great fall in D.C. and make sure to put together your fall bucket list sooner rather than later. It won’t be easy to get everything done before it gets super cold but it’s doable. Enjoy!

Want to become part of the movement to be planting and using your own gardening for your food? Well, join the club! This has definitely become a popular tactic for most D.C., Maryland and Virginia residents. The great news is you get to see all your hard work come to life and then you get to eat it! Here are our favorite and easiest vegetable to add to your garden this fall:

Beets: These are the perfect vegetables for your fall garden because everyone loves beets and they do much better in autumn than they do in the summer. Sometimes the extreme heat of the summer can make them taste bitter but late summer and early fall is a great time for them. The best news is they will keep growing until the ground is completely frozen which doesn’t happen until much later in the winter.

Kale: At this point everyone should be on the kale movement. It’s everywhere you go now! We love kale in our garden for the fall because it grows with leaves so you don’t have to worry about a head forming or the flowers shriveling up. The fall actually helps when it comes to the texture and flavor of the kale from your garden.

Radishes: Now there can be a ton of issues when it comes to trying to plant radishes in the spring but 99% of those issues are alleviated when you plant them in the fall. They do the best in cool, moist soil and love to grow fast so keep your eye on them.

Spinach: Similar to radishes, there are a lot of problems with growing spinach that you get to avoid when you grow it in the fall. A lot of time people complain that the spinach starts to wilt before it is even big enough to pick and eat. However, by growing in the fall you get to avoid that and it only takes about 30 days to blossom. The best news is you can continue growing it in the winter.

Peas: Had enough with our green vegetables yet? Well, don’t forget about the peas! They also love the cool weather. Make sure you protect them against the little bit of sun there is in the fall and give them extra water than you do your other vegetables.

Hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks for getting your vegetable garden up and running this fall. Our team as Nosegay loves our flowers but you can’t talk about gardening without mentioning vegetables. Vegetable gardens help to add some excitement to everyone’s lives! If you are looking for any help on planting a magnificent garden or want to go the easy route with same day delivery flowers, make sure you look no further than Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. Visit our website