Worried about what you should be wearing this fall season? Well look no further, we have some great suggestions for our readers this week. When it comes to fashion, we know what will be catching everyone’s eye this season. It’s all about neutral colors with a few bold and pattern statements along the way. When you are thinking about the neutrals Pantone has declared the Fall 2015 Colors as “Desert Sage”, “Stormy Weather” and “Dried Herb.” Gray and green are a constant as you think about how to bring neutrals into your every day outfits this fall. Our favorite shade this season is dried herb since it’s so closely tied to nature...it reminds us of our favorite green flower bouquets at Nosegay D.C. Flower Shop.


Curious about what the trends are about when it comes to picking your bold statements for your flowers. It’s all about “Cadmium Orange” and “Cashmere Rose” with the common thread being orange and light pinks this season. Our suggestion would be to find a way to bring some of the bolder colors together in one look with the neutrals to create an unforgettable look.

If you are looking for a way for your fashion and your gardens to be on trend this season, try some of these favorite bold flowers that perfectly match “Cadmium Orange” and “Cashmere Rose.” Our personal favorite orange shaded flowers are Blackberry Lily and “Klondike” cosmos. When it comes to shades more in favor with cashmere rose our recommendations would be traditional roses as well as peonies. Lucky for us these beautiful flowers come in a wonderful shade of soft pink that you’ll enjoy.

If you’re looking for help in making your garden or at home flower arrangements with being on trend this season, look no further than Nosegay. Please visit http://www.nosegayflowers.net for more flower information.