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We know the fall is a popular season to get married and with quite a few weddings happening between now and 2017, we thought we would share some of our favorite fall wedding trends. There are so many fun things to take advantage in the fall that make for a fairy tale wedding. Remember, if you are planning anything outside...the weather can be unpredictable! Make sure to have a plan b option for all outdoor components. 

Barns are in. You may have already noticed this trend and it’s not necessarily a new one but there is nothing that says “a rustic fall” wedding more than getting married in a barn. If the couple is a fan of a more alternative “homey” venue than this could be the perfect option for them. 

Bold bouquets. We know most weddings these days have muted bouquets with lots of whites, pinks or purples. However, if there is one time to make a bolder statement with your bridal bouquet…it’s the fall! Try lots of bold colors like red, burgundy, deep purple, orange, dark yellow and other bold options. 

Circular ceremony. As opposed to the standard two sides of the ceremony, a lot of couples are opting for a more circular ceremony. This way the guests can see the couples’ face during the ceremony as opposed to only seeing their back. 

Unique centerpieces. Instead of your standard big floral centerpieces on each table during the reception, weddings this fall are mixing things up. Upcoming fall weddings are choosing to have different centerpieces at each table instead of the same one throughout the whole reception. 

Long Tables. We know historically during the reception all of the guests’ table are circular with 8-10 people at each table. However, more and more we are seeing brides and grooms choose different sized tables throughout the room it give the room some variety. Also, more and more couples are including long horizontal tables to create some extra dimension to the room. 

Name Cards. Now we know at most weddings the table cards are pretty straight forward. However, with the fall, we’ve seen a lot of creativity come out with the table cards at the wedding. One of our favorites was mini succulents for each guest that had their name and table number sticking in on a clip. It was also the perfect takeaway gift for your guests.

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With the official last day of summer behind us, it’s time to gear up to arguably one of our favorite seasons when it comes to celebrating your wedding day. Now don’t get us wrong, we love summer weddings here at Nosegay but we are ready for fall to takeover. And if you live in DC you know there aren’t that many months of true fall before the winter hits so don’t take them for granted! If you are in the process of planning a fall wedding for next year or you have a fall wedding coming up, here are some quick and easy ideas to make sure it feels like fall at your wedding.

  • Keep your color palette simple with a pop of color. We think it’s important to move away from your typical white and ivory wedding during this new season. What we suggest is using browns, golds, silvers and grays with one pop of color. For this time of year we like colors like oranges, reds and purples as they embody the fall season.
  • Make sure to have some pumpkins. If your wedding is before Halloween make sure pumpkins are somewhere throughout your wedding. Whether it’s having your flower girls use pumpkins instead of traditional bouquets or simply as part of the centerpieces. Any way you decide it’ll be a fun way to remind your guests of the season they are experiencing.
  • Use fall colors in your flower arrangements. Now we can’t talk about weddings without bringing up how you are using flowers on your special day. It’s all about dark red, orange and purple in your wedding flowers so make sure to mention that to your wedding florists washington dc.
  • Bring on the leaves. No better way to show the season than to use the season’s foliage. Whether they are scattered across your tables or in your centerpieces they are a great addition to any fall wedding.
  • Keep it open. Time to bring in the fresh air. No need to worry about summer showers or the incredible heat and humidity. Take advantage of the cool temperatures and have part of the ceremony or even the cocktail party outside.
  • Rustic wedding centerpieces. There are so many amazing things you can do with your wedding centerpieces in the fall. So make sure you are using the right color palettes and plenty of fall touches.
  • It’s time for wood. So many amazing ways to use wood throughout your wedding. Whether it’s rustic wood tables, a wood panel for table numbers, centerpieces or in your ceremony, nothing says fall better than wood.
  • Don’t go overboard. Now this is our last piece of advice for planning a fall wedding and probably the most important. It’s really easy for any theme to outdo the wedding and remember, the wedding shouldn’t be about a theme. It should be about the two people getting married. Make sure when thinking about putting all the cute fall ideas together it doesn’t come across as too much to your guests.


All of our tips above are why we love the fall and why we especially love fall weddings. It’s time to bring out all the amazing things about the fall and pour them into your wedding planning. Now remember, you can go small or big when it comes to incorporating the seasons into your wedding (if you ask us we’d say BIG) but it’s important something about your wedding says “it’s fall.” Good luck planning and enjoy your wedding day!