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Some people love their birthdays, some people are not as excited to grow older—regardless, we all love receiving gifts. If you know someone’s birthday is coming up, you may want to get them a floral arrangement that will feel special to them. We think one of the best ways to do this is to choose an arrangement that has something to do with their birth month! That’s right, every month of the year has a flower that is considered to be “the flower” of that month. Here are all the months of the year and the flowers they are associated with:

  • January: Carnation and Snowdrop
    These bright flowers are a joy to look at and come in all sorts of colors! Specifically, red carnations are the perfect symbol for January birthday babies.
  • February: Violet and Iris
    Both of these flowers symbolize loyalty and faithfulness. They say that the three upright petals of an iris represent courage, faith, and loyalty.
  • March: Daffodil
    Daffodils bloom in early spring and symbolize new birth, happiness, joy, and beginnings. This is perfect since March is the first sign of spring.
  • April: Daisy and Sweet Pea
    Daisies are cheery flowers symbolize love or purity, beauty, and innocence. Sweet peas are known for their lovely scent and delicate appearance.
  • May: Lily of the Valley
    These bright and sweet smelling flowers celebrate May birthdays and symbolize happiness and humility.
  • June: Rose
    Red roses symbolize love, orange ones mean desire and enthusiasm, and yellow ones mean friendship.
  • July: Larkspur and Water Lily
    Purple larkspurs mean first love, and white ones symbolize a happy spirit. Water Lilies signify a pure and open heart.
  • August: Gladiolus and Poppy
    Gladioli symbolize strength and integrity, but the sword-shaped leaves were known to symbolize love-pierced hearts.
  • September: Aster
    Asters bloom in the fall and symbolize both strong and powerful love. It makes sense that this autumnal flower would be the choice for September birthdays.
  • October: Marigold
    Marigolds brighten up fall blooms and symbolize undying love. They can also mean “I’m thinking of you.”
  • November: Chrysanthemum
    Mums are the flowers of November! White ones indicate purity and innocence.
  • December: Narcissus and Holly
    Narcissus plants signify faithfulness and modesty for December birthdays. Holly shows a desire for a happy home.
  • Sending Love with Nosegay Flowers

    No matter whose birthday is coming up, you can choose the perfect arrangement for that loved one in your life. Our florists have years of experience, and they can guide you to the ideal choice. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, that isn’t a problem—we will happily take custom requests. Let us know which flowers you want to be included, and we can suggest supplemental choices to really bring the floral arrangement together.

    For flower delivery in Washington, D.C., there is no better team to call than the crew at Nosegay Flowers. We look forward to providing you with the finest flowers in the region and providing your loved one with a smile that will light up the room.

    Color is everywhere, but we notice it most when it stands out from the rest. That’s what we seek to do here at Nosegay Flowers. For example, your standard table decorations can be transformed with the bright colors of a spring floral bouquet. Our job is to help you find a color combination that not only adds beauty to your space, but one that makes sense. Today, we would like to share how basic color theory and the color wheel can help you make bold, yet stylish choices when it comes to your floral arrangements.

    Primary Colors

    There are three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. They are called “primary” because no other colors can be combined to make these—however, these three can be combined to create the other colors on the wheel. They sit equidistant from one another on the color wheel.

    Close Colors

    The colors that sit next to or near one another on the color wheel typically make a nice combination because they include tones of the primary colors they are close to. For example, purple, red, and blue all go fairly well together in an arrangement because they are all close to one another on the color wheel. Of course, you can evoke different moods with the shades you choose. Light purple flowers, pink blooms, and pale blue petals can project a soft and calming mood. On the other hand, a dark red rose heavier shaded flowers can make more of a dramatic statement.

    This brings us to tonal value, which is the “version” of the color we see. This is the light version, the dark version, and the overall mood of an arrangement. Of course, the texture of the flowers can also make a difference when it comes to the appearance and impression. Take these things into consideration when you aim for a certain mood.

    Contrasting Colors

    On the opposite ends of the color wheel sit contrasting colors! These are the ones that may not seem like they would look good together, but they certainly do. Even nature embraces complementary colors to enhance the appearance. For example, the flowering is a pink and lime-green bouquet look bold, vibrant, and saturated when placed together. Similarly, if you’ve ever seen a blue and orange bouquet, you know how incredible this combination can look.

    Best Practices

    Understanding color is a great start, but it certainly isn’t the only factor at play. For example, which there aren’t necessarily any colors that should never be together, there are some stronger choices than others. Yellow and red look great together, but throwing in pink, orange, and green with those might be a little much. If you want to make a professional-looking statement, you may want to limit yourself to three or four harmonious colors or to two complementary colors. We recommend one or the other! Too many colors can confuse the viewer and weaken your overall design. You can also opt for a mass of one variety of flower in one color to make an impact! Think about where the arrangement will be placed and consider the context of the space.

    Contact a Professional Florist

    When it doubt about using color for your ultimate arrangement, contact a florist! We at Nosegay Flowers would be happy to use our color and design knowledge to create the perfect arrangement for your needs. Our experienced florists will listen to your requests and create a bouquet that will stun all who see it. Regardless of whether you are looking for something small to surprise your honey or you’re hoping to plan your entire wedding flower set, we are the team to call. Contact us today to get started!

    Valentine’s Day is filled with classic gifts like chocolate and romantic dinner, but isn’t there something a little more exciting you could do to treat your sweetie to some fun? We certainly think so! Read on to learn some of the top ways we know of to reconnect with your loved one and let them know how loved they are.

    Look at Old Photos

    Whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 60 years, you can always revisit fond memories with your significant other. Take a look at photos the two of you took together and reminisce about that vacation you took to the mountains. Break out the wedding album! If the two of you haven’t been together that long, dig up childhood photos instead. We know that they would love to see pictures of you as a little kid, and you can have them dig up some of their favorite photos of themselves, too.

    Try a Fitness Class Together

    Regardless of how athletic the two of you are, you can probably find a fun gym class to go to together. In fact, studies have shown that couples who endure a physical challenge together tend to feel more satisfied with their relationship and more in love with their partners once the challenge is over. Plus, working out is a natural mood booster that will keep the two of you smiling all evening long. Whether you want to try yoga or a salsa dancing class, it could be a lot of fun and a break away from a typical date night.

    Cook for Each Other

    There is just something so romantic about partners cooking for one another. Ask your partner what they would like to eat for Valentine’s Day dinner and ask if they want to help you cook it! You two can playfully flirt in the kitchen while cooking and help each other with the dishes at the end of the night. And, if you aren’t much of a cook, that’s okay! Worst case scenario, the two of you ruin the dish and you grab takeout instead. Either way, we think it’s pretty romantic.

    Volunteer Together

    Serving the community can be a rewarding experience, but it can also make for a fun memory when you do it with your partner. You can assist at a food bank or homeless shelter, or perhaps give some time at an animal shelter near you. It shouldn’t take long to find somewhere your services are needed, and you and your loved one can feel good knowing that you spent your time helping others in need.

    Try Something New

    Have you always wanted to go for a ride in a hot air balloon? Maybe you’ve been wanted to go to the new trampoline park in town. Whatever it is, take the plunge and try something new. If it’s new for both of you, your bodies will both be releasing oxytocin—the “love” hormone. By trying something out together, you can grow closer than you would have if you had just stayed home and snuggled on the couch.

    Go on a Double Date

    If you and your S.O. are pretty outgoing and sociable, then you might find that a double date is the perfect way to spend the day. One-on-one time is great, but friends are great too. In fact, a 2014 study that was presented at a social psychology conference found that couples who went out with other couples, and received validation from the other couple, felt greater passion towards each other at the end of the group activity.

    Recreate Your First Date

    Regardless of whether your first date was perfect or a disaster, recreating it could be a lot of fun! The closer it gets to the real first date, the more fun it will be. Include the awkward hug or kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, too! Both of you will laugh and reminisce all night long, as well as be able to happily reflect on how far you’ve come.

    Nosegay Flowers

    While it’s fun to switch things up on Valentine’s Day, there are some traditions that should stay alive! What better way to surprise your partner than with a beautiful, full floral arrangement? We can’t think of anything better. Pick them up on the way home or have them delivered to their office; whatever you choose, our team of florists is here to help. Reach out now, and we will get you the best bouquet in all of Washington DC!

    We hope you have an incredible Valentine’s Day! Nosegay is here for any and all of your floral needs, especially when it comes to sending a bouquet to that special someone. We have the fastest flower delivery service in the area, and we look forward to showing you just how fast we can be!

    If you know someone who has a baby on the way, you might be asking yourself what you can do to help! Say congrats with a floral arrangement while the mother is still in the hospital, then be sure to stick around once the mom gets home. Here are some top tips to help a new mom once her little bundle of joy arrives into the world.

    Providing Help

    New mothers need as much care and help as they can get from their friends and family members. Their bodies are recovering after giving birth, and those who already have children are trying to care for a whole family while still nursing around the clock. If you know a soon-to-be mom or a new mom, it is possible to help.

    Bring Meals

    While this kind of help is often offered, it is always welcome. When moms don’t need to worry about making dinner for the family, it can lift a huge burden. For those of you who are looking to contribute dinners, make sure that you work with others who may be helping out and make sure they have dinner for about a month after the baby is born.

    Also, for those of you who are bringing a meal, don’t stress too much about what the meal is unless the family has an allergy. Any food that you don’t have to cook is going to taste better! You can also offer frozen meals for a quick bite to eat when life gets a little hectic.

    Offer to Watch Older Kids

    By offering to take her older kids, you can provide a new mom with some peace and quiet while she tends to her newborn. Take them to the zoo, the park, or even just post up and have a movie night at your home. If you have kids, too, the group can hang out and spend time together. We know that one of the hardest parts of having a new baby is making sure that the older kids’ needs are being met, too!

    Clean the Home

    While this can be hard for the new mother to accept, usually due to pride, it is one of the top ways to help out a new family. Your new-mom friend or family member will probably not ask you for help, so you may need to volunteer. While she won’t have the energy to clean the home, it can be discouraging to try to raise her family while surrounded by mess. Let her know that you don’t care about the mess, and you totally understand everything that she has to take care of at the moment. You can:

    • Wash the dishes
    • Wipe down the counters and clean the kitchen
    • Sweep or mop the floors
    • Start a load of laundry
    • Gather up the kids’ toys and put them away

    Stop By with Coffee

    New moms have a hard time getting everything together that they need to leave the house, so many just stay home. This can get lonely after a while. Instead of inviting the new mom out to get some coffee with you, pick up a cup and go visit. She will appreciate the change of pace and the ability to have a conversation with an adult. As cute as babies are, they aren’t great conversationalists.

    Call or Text

    If you can’t stop by due to your schedule or other constraints, that’s okay. Just call or text to check in! Any new mother will appreciate knowing that her friends and loved ones are concerned about her and how she is doing. The first few days with a newborn can be a little isolating, so words of encouragement are always welcome.

    Grocery Shopping or Errands

    While some mothers will want to get out of the house, others will dread it. You can offer to pick up groceries from the story for the new mom. With more and more stores doing a grocery pick up, this may not be much of a hassle for you! When you are heading out to run your own errands, ask the new mother if there is anything you can pick up for her while you are out. Those of you who are feeling more ambitious can ask for a list before you head out to help. She will appreciate not having to run errands with a new baby, especially if she has other kids.

    Celebrate with a Floral Arrangement

    While it may not seem like much, you would be surprised how much a thoughtful floral gift will mean to the new mother. A bright arrangement may be just what she needs to brighten her home and remind her that she has friends and family who are more than happy to help her with her new-mom duties. For a thoughtful arrangement she is sure to love, contact Nosegay Flowers! We proudly serve the Washington, D.C. metro area.

    New Year’s Eve is upon us! Whether you are starting to plan a big party, writing down your resolutions, or planning a big cleaning extravaganza, we are excited for you. New Year’s is a great time to let loose and let a little creativity come to the surface. For those of you who are planning a big celebration, we hope you have a wonderful and successful event. For those who are attempting to do something a little more low key, we hope you bring in the New Year peacefully and happily.

    Regardless of how you approach that magic midnight moment, we hope you do it with beauty! Choose a floral centerpiece to really bring out your home and brighten your little New Year’s soirée!

    Use the Date

    The new year is here, meaning that it’s entirely acceptable to decorate all your floral arrangements with “2018.” Whether you would like to spell out “NYE” in flowers or incorporate the date on the arrangements, we know your guests will notice. It’s the little touches that will make this event feel like a big deal.


    We like to use mirrored vases to show off our favorite floral bouquets. You can do this by choosing several of the same bouquets and putting them on display in a row. Choose your favorite flowers and fill the room! Talk with your florist about your chosen colors for the party and let them make suggestions. You can always add evergreen branches and other traditional “Christmas greens” to add some holiday cheer.

    Extra Bling

    Flowers are lovely on their own, but it never hurts to add a little extra dazzle and sparkle. If you want to add jewels or Christmas ornaments to a floral arrangement, please do! To avoid damaging the flowers, add these little extra bits of decoration to the vases or the table surrounding the arrangement. For some extra dazzle, add some crystal jewels to the vase! They are easy to drop in and sparkle brightly in the light.

    Creative Vases

    Champagne is the drink of New Year’s, so why not use a champagne bottle as a vase? Even if that isn’t your style, you may be able to incorporate the bottle into the arrangement somehow. Try adorning them with some flower stems to add a little more life to the drink table.


    Don’t light the sparklers in your flower arrangement! However, you can put sparklers in the arrangement to add a little extra appeal. Once midnight approaches, have your guests grab the sprinklers and start the countdown!

    Nosegay Flowers is Here to Help

    If you are looking for a unique way to bring in the New Year, then we think flowers are the perfect choice. Regardless of whether you want them for personal enjoyment, to give as a gift, or to decorate your party, we know we can help! Contact our Washington, D.C. florists today and ask us what we can do for you. Whatever your vision, we would be happy to assist. From all of us here at Nosegay Flowers, we would like to wish you and yours a very happy New Year!

    Flower Meanings

    When it comes to finding the perfect flower arrangement, you can’t turn to just any old flower shop! Conveying your sentiments is crucial, which is why many people enjoy looking into the meanings and symbolism behind certain flowers before they send an arrangement to a loved one. If you are wondering what to put in your next bouquet or arrangement, read on to learn more about the most popular flowers and what they mean.

    Aster - Wisdom, Devotion

    Aster flowers mostly represent love, wisdom, and faith, but the meanings can change depending on the culture. For example, in Victorian times, the aster represented daintiness, charm, and patience. Any flower-enthusiasts born in September will let you know that the aster is their month’s birth flower! Of course, the color of the chosen aster will determine the symbolism, so keep this mind.

    • Purple: Wisdom and royalty
    • White: Purity and innocence
    • Red: Undying devotion
    • Pink: Sensitivity and love

    Bird of Paradise - Joy, Paradise

    This tropical flower is also nicknamed the Crane Flower. It gets its name from the fact that the flower is made of three bright orange petals and three blue petals that all bloom from one bud. This flower symbolizes faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness. It is the official flower for a ninth wedding anniversary, and it is commonly used to portray optimism towards life.

    Calla Lily - Purity, Faithfulness

    Calla lilies were named after the Greek word for beautiful: “calla.” It is often associated with the goddess, Hera due to a legend that the flowers originated from her breast milk. However, these days, calla lilies are often shown with the Virgin Mary to symbolize birth and resurrection. The color you choose can change the meaning slightly, so make sure to pay attention:

    • White: Purity and innocence
    • Pink: Appreciation and admiration
    • Purple: Charm and passion
    • Yellow: Gratitude

    Chrysanthemum - Loyalty, Love

    The fall-blooming flower became popular because of its beauty. The chrysanthemum often signifies joy and beauty, even though it blooms just before winter. Victorians used mums to show friendship and wish each other well. In China, chrysanthemums are usually offered to the elderly to give them good luck and symbolize a long life. However, in Belgium and Australia, these flowers are used almost exclusively as a memorial flower for those who have died. They do come in various colors which offer different meanings:

    • Red: Love and deep passion
    • Yellow: Neglected love or sorrow
    • White: Loyalty and honesty
    • Violet: Get well wishes

    Daffodil - Rebirth

    Daffodils typically represent new beginnings and rebirth. This is because it is one of the first perennials to bloom once the winter frost is over. Though these flowers grow to be both white and orange, they are best known for brightening up any space with their dominantly yellow tones. Daffodils are also highly valued in China, as their appearance symbolizes good luck, fortune, and prosperity. If the flowers bloom exactly on New Year’s Day, you get luck for the entire year!

    Daisy - Innocence, Purity

    Daisies have been known to symbolize innocence and purity, as an old Celtic legend states that daisies were sent to cheer up grieving parents who lost a child. In Norse mythology, the goddess of love and beauty, Freya, claims the daisy as her own. Sometimes, daisies are given to congratulate new mothers. Daisies are also composite flowers, which means that they are technically made of two flowers that are combined into one. Since they blend so well and easily together, they are often used to symbolize true love.

    Freesia - Friendship, Trust

    Since they smell so incredible, freesias are one of the most popular flowers in existence. However, they can be quite difficult to grow in a typical garden, which makes them even more fun to put in bouquets and other floral arrangements. The freesia has been thought of as the ultimate flower of trust. Since the 1950s, freesias have commonly been used in wedding bouquets because they represent the trust between the couple as well as the purity of the bride. These also come in various colors:

    • White: Purity and innocence, commonly used in weddings
    • Multicolored: Friendship and thoughtfulness
    • Pink: Motherly love
    • Yellow: Joy, renewal, friendship
    • Red: Passion

    Nosegay Flower Arrangements

    If you are looking for a flower shop you can trust above the rest, it’s time to contact Nosegay Flowers. We look forward to working with you and finding you the perfect flower to complete your bouquet!

    Whether you are getting ready to celebrate an anniversary, welcome a new baby into the world, or go out to dinner for an anniversary, a small part of your brain says, “You should get flowers!” Today, we at Nosegay Flowers want to share some of the top times for you to find a beautiful bouquet and celebrate someone in your life. Read on to learn more!


    We have to start with the obvious one first. It’s important to show your significant other just how wonderful they are, which is where a bouquet comes in. There can be a lot of hassle trying to come up with other gifts, and while flowers are an easy choice to make, they still always seem to have so much thought put into them. Celebrate your sweetheart by sending flowers to their office or surprise them at home with a big bouquet. The choice is yours!


    What a wonderful way to wake up on your special day—with a big bouquet of flowers right next to your bed! Start your loved one’s day off right with a birthday bouquet. Even if you are buying flowers for a close friend, there are plenty of options that will look and smell wonderful for the rest of their birthday week. And, when you order with Nosegay Flowers, we can offer you chocolates, plush animals, and even balloons to accompany the flowers. Make it a surprise and have them be dropped off in the middle of the day for a welcome afternoon treat!

    New Baby

    New parents have a lot to worry about, and you can bet that they are being bombarded with gifts. Instead, send a sweet sentimental floral arrangement to welcome the little one into the world. You can select a delicate bouquet to make the new mom smile and send along some chocolates or other treat for them to enjoy as they get used to parenthood.


    While we don’t recommend trying to solve all your relationship problems with a bouquet of flowers, they can help bring a smile back to your significant other’s face. A small bouquet might be just what you need to get back into your significant other’s good graces after forgetting about dinner with her family. We offer special apology bouquets, so feel free to take a look at our collection!

    Just Because

    No one is going to be disappointed by a bunch of flowers for no reason at all. Maybe you are doing it to be sweet, maybe you want to make a good impression on a date, or maybe someone just had a bad day and you’re trying to cheer them up. Whatever the reason, flowers make everyone smile.

    Nosegay Flowers

    Order flowers online from Nosegay Flowers! We would be happy to make your chosen bouquet and bring it right to the recipient. We even offer same day delivery when necessary! Contact us today to learn more or visit our site to make your selection today. We look forward to bringing some cheer to your loved ones!

    Happy September! We know there are a ton of fall birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, so we wanted to make sure we shared our favorite tips for planning the perfect birthday (or perfect birthday month). Hope you enjoy!

    Try a New Restaurant. If you live in the D.C., Maryland or Virginia area, there is always a new restaurant popping up. No better time to try a new one than for your birthday celebration! Gather a group of friends and family, make a reservation and start the celebration! If you want something more intimate or romantic, go with just that special person in your life!

    Plan a Party. We know not everyone likes to make a big deal for their birthdays, but for those who do, make sure to plan a party! Find a venue (your place, a friend’s place or a restaurant/bar will do) and send out an invite. Make sure you plan out all the decorations, as well as the food and drinks you’ll be serving. Even something casual can be a lot of fun to get your closest friends and family together to celebrate you! Don’t forget the birthday flowers to bring the right ambiance.

    Take a Trip. If you want to make sure you celebrate your birthday but don’t want to make a big deal of it, plan a getaway trip! It’s the perfect way to celebrate without having to plan a big event. Pick a place you’ve been excited about traveling to, find a crew to go with and you’re off! Also, this is a great time to visit someone close to you that you don’t normally get to celebrate your birthday with.

    Keep it Low Key. Plenty of us out there don’t like to celebrate our birthdays in a big way…there is still lots you can do! Maybe instead of doing a big party, you just hang out with your friends at your place. A potluck is always perfect for those type of occasions! No judgment for not wanting to have a blowout to celebrate your birthday…to each their own!

    We hope you will use Nosegay Flowers to celebrate all your birthday flower needs. We are here for any and all of your flower needs. Nosegay Flowers has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in the Washington, D.C. metro area! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need D.C. Flower Delivery, Maryland Flower Delivery or Virginia Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning floral bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Nosegay Flowers for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery or wedding flowers better!