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Want to become part of the movement to be planting and using your own gardening for your food? Well, join the club! This has definitely become a popular tactic for most D.C., Maryland and Virginia residents. The great news is you get to see all your hard work come to life and then you get to eat it! Here are our favorite and easiest vegetable to add to your garden this fall:

Beets: These are the perfect vegetables for your fall garden because everyone loves beets and they do much better in autumn than they do in the summer. Sometimes the extreme heat of the summer can make them taste bitter but late summer and early fall is a great time for them. The best news is they will keep growing until the ground is completely frozen which doesn’t happen until much later in the winter.

Kale: At this point everyone should be on the kale movement. It’s everywhere you go now! We love kale in our garden for the fall because it grows with leaves so you don’t have to worry about a head forming or the flowers shriveling up. The fall actually helps when it comes to the texture and flavor of the kale from your garden.

Radishes: Now there can be a ton of issues when it comes to trying to plant radishes in the spring but 99% of those issues are alleviated when you plant them in the fall. They do the best in cool, moist soil and love to grow fast so keep your eye on them.

Spinach: Similar to radishes, there are a lot of problems with growing spinach that you get to avoid when you grow it in the fall. A lot of time people complain that the spinach starts to wilt before it is even big enough to pick and eat. However, by growing in the fall you get to avoid that and it only takes about 30 days to blossom. The best news is you can continue growing it in the winter.

Peas: Had enough with our green vegetables yet? Well, don’t forget about the peas! They also love the cool weather. Make sure you protect them against the little bit of sun there is in the fall and give them extra water than you do your other vegetables.

Hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks for getting your vegetable garden up and running this fall. Our team as Nosegay loves our flowers but you can’t talk about gardening without mentioning vegetables. Vegetable gardens help to add some excitement to everyone’s lives! If you are looking for any help on planting a magnificent garden or want to go the easy route with same day delivery flowers, make sure you look no further than Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. Visit our website

It’s all about flowers for the summer. There is no better way to brighten up your already summer sunny than with a few beautiful bouquets and a lush garden. Hopefully, if you were planting for your garden, you’ve already got it all done. It’s too hot to be gardening now! We wanted to make sure our readers had the best advice when it came to both planting flowers this summer and ordering flowers online.

Our favorite flowering shrubs this summer are forsythia and hydrangea. When it comes to planting hydrangeas it’s all about where you plant them. They definitely need sun but you want to make sure they aren’t getting full sunlight all day. Find an area where they will be in the sun half of the day and out of it the other half. The other thing to keep in mind when planting hydrangeas is that they need plenty of room to grow. Do not over the water them and the best time to plant them is in the early summer or fall.

The good news is that forsythia need a lot of the same environment as hydrangeas. They need full sunlight and well-drained soil. They should have plenty of room to grow as well and make sure you are ready for that bright color of yellow to take over your garden! 

When it comes to purchasing flowers for same day flower delivery, make sure to include lilies, daisies and tulips on your list for this summer. We like these arrangements because they come in so many different colors. Tulips are some of our favorite flowers all year long because they have such beautiful shades. They can brighten up and any room and put a smile on the face of anyone you give them to. They look great long or short and often last for a long time in an indoor vase. We like lilies because they are sophisticated and smell fantastic.

We hope you are enjoying your summer 2015 flowers as much as we are whether they are in your garden or living rooms. If you are looking for the perfect summer flowers please check out Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. Our flower store has the best flowers in the DC, MD and VA area!

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Ever wonder the difference between organic food and non-organic food? Us too! We know this deviates a little from our traditional weekly flower blog but we thought we would take a step away to understand what it really means to be organic. And don’t worry, this still has to do with flowers! There are distinct differences between organic gardening and non-organic gardening which both can result in same day delivery flowers. Therefore, you should know the difference on what you are purchasing!

First, let’s start from the beginning. What does it mean to be an organic food? According to the USDA organic foods and organic farming is the process of “integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources” as well as “promoting ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.” Basically,we understand this to mean that resources can be reused throughout the farming process when it is grown organically and organic farming would promote a better long-term environment.

The biggest difference as far as we can tell is the lack of chemical additives and antibiotics used throughout the farming process when foods are grown or farmed organically. There are many different studies out there but it does seem that economic sustainability is better off in an organic farming space. The other big difference we know to be true (and you probably do as well) is that organic foods are definitely more expensive when it comes to buying food.

One other thing to keep in mind is you must read the find print when buying organic food. If the seal says “100 perfect organic” that means it is 100% organic, however, if the seal only says “organic” that means it only has to be 95% organic to use that seal. Foods that say “made with organic ingredients” contain at least 70% organic ingredients. 

Similar to the approach taken when growing organic foods, organic flowers have a lot of the same benefits to the environment. They don’t use pesticides, which have a tendency to drift into the environment and do not stay put in the soil they are placed. Therefore, making them very difficult to control long term. When you are looking for local D.C. flower shops, you should be able to find out quite easily whether or not the store uses organic flowers.


Hope you enjoyed our blog this week!

Sad about not seeing flowers bloom this winter? Trying to figure out how to make your garden still look pretty throughout these frigid next few months? The team at Nosegay D.C. flower shop have some ideas for you! We’ve put together a list of flowers that do best in these colder months when it comes to planting or just picking up from your local D.C. flower shop. Enjoy!

Calendula: Now these flowers may trick you and you’ll think they are daisies since they resemble each other but calendulas are actually one of our favorites. Despite their vibrant colors and shades they can survive in the winter and colder months. They enjoy the sun but can be happy in less sunny areas as well. Fun fact about this flower: petals and leaves are edible!

Carnations: We know this type of flower is not everyone’s favorite…as Charlotte from “Sex & the City” so famously referred to them as “filler flowers.” However, they are one of the toughest flowers out there and one of the best when it comes to surviving harsh conditions. They are incredibly tall and have a long lasting bloom. If you are looking to order flowers online as well they are often one of the least expensive options. 

Snapdragon: This traditional flower does great in the winter and if handled properly will continue to bloom throughout the summer and spring. They come in plenty different shades and will add a pop of color to your garden. The best thing about them is they grow high which makes them great for cutting and using inside your home as well.

Lilies: Ever wonder why you often seen lilies used at events and special occasions like weddings in the winter? Well, it’s because they are the perfect winter flower! There are many different types of lilies but you really can’t go wrong when it comes to picking them to plant. They also give off a beautiful strong fragrant!

Jasmine Plant: Looking for a more alternative option? Then the Jasmine Plant is for you! If you are less traditional or want a plant that covers a larger area go the shrubbery route this winter. Jasmine Plants are perfect when it comes to your garden and also give off a beautiful fragrant throughout the winter. They can withstand the colder months and have a lot less maintenance than flowers and flower bulbs. Definitely a good option to keep in mind!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holidays and starting 2015 off on the right foot. These flower suggestions are sure to make your 2015 even brighter so be sure to make some time for planting across the next few weeks!