Well even if you aren’t, let’s hope your flowers are! There are very specific types of flowers that thrive in the summer months meaning they enjoy the heat and humidity. This week for our blog we thought we’d help our Nosegay readers understand the types of flowers to think about planting or buying as same day delivery flowers. Here are our top 5 suggestions when it comes to planting or purchasing flowers this summer. 


  1. Dahlia: If you’re looking for bold, you’ve come to the right place! They are always vibrant and come in lots of different colors. Although they prefer light shade in those really hot areas they should be fine in your garden or your home during the summer months. Most typically these flowers bloom with one head per stem. A fun fact about the Dahlia is that it was named the national flower of Mexico in 1963.
  2. Perennial Hibiscus: Looking for a way to keep your garden or house colorful all summer? Look no further than the Perennial Hibiscus. These are actually flowers that you can take advantage of their bloom before the summer heat really starts. They can bloom from the spring all the way until it hits winter. They come in red, pink or white and are big, bold flowers to keep you company.
  3. Aster: These daisy-like flowers are perfect for those summer months of June, July and August. You’ve likely seen these more and more in your local nurseries or DC flower shops. They are one of our favorites to suggest since they will continue to bloom throughout the fall if you plant them at the right time in June. They come in a variety of colors including lavender, pink or white.
  4. “Pink Jewel” Daisy Fleabane:  If you’re looking for a flower that will do the work for you this summer, the “Pink Jewel” is definitely it. It can survive in any type of shade or non-shade environment. It loves the heat and will bloom well from June all the way through September. Also, don’t forget about its beautiful coloring!
  5. Coreopsis: Beautiful, bright yellow flowers are sure to make your day shine – it’s all about the coreopsis. Often referred to as calliopsis and tickseed, they are certainly ones you will recognize when you see them. They are perfect for the summer as they look like an actual ray of sunshine with multiple yellow petals surrounding its bulb.





Hope you enjoyed our suggestions and are putting your green thumb to work this summer! Ideally, all these will be planted or received by June 1st so you can take full advantage of them throughout the summer. Enjoy!